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Misc. questions while in tutorial...

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    Misc. questions while in tutorial...

    I'm using the Tutorial from and I have a few questions to anyone who knows or anyone whose used this tutorial:

    First when I built my landscape room beside my earlier room, and tried to connect them with another hallway, like I did connecting the first two rooms with the larger room. Just set a hallway between and subtracted. Luckily I saved before, because it made all of my landscape dissappear??? Whats that?

    And when I began to put my tunnel door in, it said to clear out an area for it, well I tried to flatten out an area so it would be easy to line up with the flat ground, but I tried clicking on all my layers and none would flatten anything. And I gave it a test run later, and realized I made REALLY deep holes and REALLY steep hills, but I can't change the terrain at all. Help?

    I'm sure I'll come up with more later, thanks a bunch for helping the newb.

    when you subtract space your terrain will disappear, hit "buildall" and it will come back, (unless you accidently erased or moved the terrain actor).

    to make adjustments to your terrain you have to make sure you have the heightmap selected in the tab under the tool options, its a little tricky sometimes, but just make sure its higlighted grey, then you can adjust the terrain.

    i suggest you do this tut:

    and if you are, i would skip the Terrain part because angels terrain tut is about as good as it gets, that archi tut left out a lot of important info, esp regarding heightmap size and its impact.

    Angles Terrain tut: