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Longest Snow Day Needs Artists

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    Longest Snow Day Needs Artists

    I'm currently the lead static mesh modeler on "the Longest snow day mod" and we're looking for artists to bring our mod to the masses. Our goal, is to be ready for phase 3 of the Make Something Unreal Contest.

    Because we have a tight deadline, We're looking for artists that can model fast and efficiently. Currently, there are only 2 of us If you interested, we have a test for you, its not hard, its just a taste of whats needed to make the mod.

    Modelers: We are looking for 2500 polys in a 2 weeks or less. Character must be skinning and rigging ready, so areas such as the arms and legs bending correctly.
    Character is cartoony!

    Texture artists:
    You'll be texturing the characters and static meshes. the test you are given 2 weeks. This is a sample of the the UV ( what the model looks like, courtesy of Bryan Silva (

    sorry to have such strict guidelines, but we are looking for motivated individuals, who want to work on a mod and not have the Art Director (who's not me) crack a whip every week, to see if the work is completed.

    email: with any questions or if you'd like to join our mod and already have amazing work you've previously done.