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    In one of the Videotutorials they make guys hanging from the roof...

    are there other guys that can hang from the roof, too???
    how r the meshes named???

    PS: sory 4 my bad english im a german student...

    yes, i actualy tried that myself.
    To get it to work, go into the animations browser, and load up a character animation set, get the animations of the character you want, and where he typed in the gorge animation name to show up, instead hit where it says "USE"but the mesh u use might not be a jugg, so when he typed "JUGG" for the thing that said something like "Skeletan mesh" or something like that, type the name of the mesh it is using, for instance, if you chose say like saphire, you would type "Female" if you chose ophelia you wold also type "Female" and for the all the normal looking guys you have male, for all the normal looking girls youd have female, and for skaarj youd have Skaarj and for the aliens youd have alien and for the dude nightmares youd have male and female for the non dude nightmares. you would have to add skins to the models that have the default texture (the ugly bubbly one) by going to the texture browser, opening where that player skin is located (i think it was ut2k4playermodels.utx. after you found the skin go into the properties of the mesh -> Display -> Skins, add two, on the first one hit use while the body texture is selected and on the second hit use while the head texture is selected.

    but one thing i noticed if you have to many karma bodys, your player will use a death animation if he dies, and each time you die one karma body will fall and stop working alltogether.