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Problem with KARMA ragdoll & custom skeleton (UT2004)

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    Problem with KARMA ragdoll & custom skeleton (UT2004)

    I've got my custom mesh installed in game, and it doesn't crash or
    anything - except for ONE situation.

    When my custom mesh dies by fire, lava, or being 'burnt' to death with the
    link gun alt-fire, the game crashes out to the desktop. The LOG file
    reveals this info:

    Log: (Karma): Not All Physics Parts Have Graphics Bones!
    Log: (Karma): Not All Physics Joints Have Graphics Bones!
    Critical: KBodyGetActor
    Critical: BodyGetDoubleRate
    Critical: KBuildPartitions
    Critical: KWorldStepSafeTime
    Critical: KTickLevelKarma
    Critical: TickAllActors
    Critical: ULevel::Tick
    Critical: (NetMode=0)
    Critical: TickLevel
    Critical: UGameEngine::Tick
    Critical: Level Temple Of Anubis
    Critical: UpdateWorld
    Critical: MainLoop
    Exit: Executing UObject::StaticShutdownAfterError
    Exit: Executing UWindowsClient::ShutdownAfterError
    Log: Waiting for file streaming thread to finish...
    Exit: OpenAL Audio subsystem shut down.
    Localization: No localization: Window.IDDIALOG_CrashBox.IDC_CrashBox (int)
    Exit: Exiting.
    Log: FileManager: Reading 0 GByte 330 MByte 447 KByte 341 Bytes from HD took
    28.180861 seconds (28.086861 reading, 0.094000 seeking).
    Log: FileManager: 1.307004 seconds spent with misc. duties
    Uninitialized: Name subsystem shut down

    So there is something happening to the mesh when it uses the burned death.
    I know that when such deaths happen to the default models, it reveals
    charred 'skeletons' that were premade for them. But my mesh has no such
    skeleton, and with the contest deadline coming fast, I have no time to make
    one. Plus, I wouldn't know how to add it to my mesh anyway.

    Is the burned death 'triggering' something and trying to force my custom
    model to use a default ut2004 package that it can't use without crashing?
    My other model, the junk mech, doesn't seem to have this problem. Neither
    does the French guy model, which uses the default UT animations.
    Do I have to do something to my mesh to make it 'stop' trying to use the
    burnt skeleton deaths? (if indeed that is what causes the crashes).

    Any advice is appreciated -

    Can you tell it to use the normal model in place of a skeleton? That would be a quick and easy way around the problem.


      Sounds promising - but how do you do that?

      Resetting the mesh to species_bot in the .upl file DID fix the problem, but it brings a new problem into existence....

      When I do this, my custom mesh (which is NOT a robot) would be using the robot death/pain sounds and have oil spurting from it's wounds instead of blood.
      Is there any way to 'turn off' the charred skeletons for other races if you use a custom mesh?



        i got the same problem with the revision 2 space marine blood angel pack.

        whenever the model is killed by the link gun, the game crashes. but if i delete the models karma file, it wont crash anymore. But i would rather fix it instead. but i dont know how.



          Originally posted by Slyrr7
          Sounds promising - but how do you do that?..
          Put Skeleton=Package.Model in the .upl


            this fixed my problem, but i dont think the model im using has a skeleton, so when i get killed by the linkgun, a white skinless space marine apears instead.

            but at least the game isnt crashing anymore. =P

            thanks for the help