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Weeeiird ONS problem!

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    Weeeiird ONS problem!

    I am new to UED but since i learned some stuff i thought i should try and make a plain map. SO i just make a room. a huge room actually and put inside 2 cores (guess! red - blue) and 1 node. Set the game to onslaught set a player start point and the lights.

    When i test the game so that i can set up the link setup.... I CAN"T SEE THE BLUE CORE!!! plus when i spawn I DIE!!!!! some1 help! :P

    :cry: :cry: :cry:

    to solve the insta die thing you need to build all, little button on the bar at the top looks like a cube with a light bulb.

    not too sure about the ons thing, havent tryed one yet.

    try angle mappers tuts, cant remember the address, but she posts loads so just look around for her, i think the address is in her sig


      You have to define the links...

      Run the map, press ESC, choose link designer (right lower side of radar map), link your nodes, click "Copy to UnrealED", exit out of the game map, right click on a view port, click paste -> and choose how you want it pasted. The icon for the linkinfo is an eagle head.


        You're better off probably making a DM map first. Then progress onto other types when you're more comfortable with the editor. But that's my opinion


          Well in the link setup there is no BLUE CORE!!


            read these:

            ONS Tut #1:


            ^if you read that tut youll see the part were she specifically mentions a problems with node setups and....

            ONS Tut #2:


            Any answer you get or need regarding the editor will come from these sources 90% of the time:

            Mapper Resources: