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Communist Aggression MOD (Recruitment)

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    Communist Aggression MOD (Recruitment)

    This is a formal request for some Unreal Tournament coders, mappers and skinners for a mod called “Communist Aggression” the basic about is here (though it is a bit outdated as we decided on an engine change about 2 weeks ago) ( the history can be found here… ( If you have the vaguest interests in these ideas you are probably wondering “why help us?” The answer is a pretty simple one we are very dedicated to our mod it started as a Half-Life mod then Battlefield 1942 and now a Unreal Tournament 2004 mod which we plan to finish by the end of the year. Also I my self am an Eagle Scout which shows my dedication alone. Also we offer a great project that allows creativity for the entire team, no ones ideas are overruled by others. Our technology is to take place in the late 1950’s to 1970’s but don’t let that fool you! As with all major wars technology research is given more funding so new developments are always underway! Our Theaters of war will include but not limited to European urban combat, Asian Jungle warfare, Sea combat, as well as North American Campaigns. Our mod is based loosely off Red Alert and cold war antics but we have taken a creative license to our mod.
    As I have said we have been at this for some time we have a lot of very nice models to show off, though with the new ut2004 engine we can have more polys so we will be updating these as well. These can be seen here ( )
    Our staff is very diverse, and we are not limiting how much help we get (our policy is the “more help can’t hurt” We do have coders, skinners and mappers but we think if we could get some more coders and skinners we could have a beta our shortly. (few months)
    Team Member Position
    Stalin Webmaster, Modeler (Weapons)
    Khruschev Modeler (Vehicles), Historic Realism, Mapper
    Kalashnikov Mapper
    Sevendust Press Liaison/Moral Support
    KG_GASXTREME Website Commissar, Forum Admin, IRC Admin
    Dreyco Modeler (Ships, Sea-bound vehicles, static buildings) Web Coder
    Subatomic Music and some sound FX

    So if you have any skills of skinning, mapping, or coding that you are just dying to be apart of a mod here is a great opportunity! Even if you have ideas or suggestions please stop by our site may change soon as we are no longer a mod for Battlefield 1942. Or Email me at I also have AIM and my SN is JDHOGUE7
    To join the team please submit a letter that shows previous work and how you would like to help us. Your work and reasons for joining will then be discussed by the team as to whether or not your work will helpful to Communist Aggression.

    Here are some renders from kruschev and stalin...