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    Too much content!

    So far I've been making excellent progress on my first map for any Unreal game, but (of course) I find myself tripping up in certain areas. I know full well that I just need some more experience, so if I keep plugging away the problem will solve itself. That doesn't make it any less frustrating, however, so I'm hoping that somebody out there might have a shortcut or two to share with me.

    The most glaring problem at the moment is that I spend the vast majority of my map-making time just looking at different texture and static mesh packages trying to find one that looks right for my level. I can make a lot of good progress on my map and I feel great about it - so long as I don't plan on adding any static meshes or texturing anything! When it comes to those steps the hours just melt away with nothing getting done, mindlessly clicking package after package.

    Right now I happen to be looking for a good metal door (medium shade of gray, two-sided, and clean looking - all those rusty doors bother me). I've found a slew of door frames, and added a few in various places, but I still need actual doors (to close off spawn rooms, specifically). Of course, if anybody has a particular door in mind that would work well for me, I'd love to hear it, but I'm also pretty sure I'll just need another static mesh 5 minutes later and I don't want to have to rely on other people to help me every 5 minutes.

    So, what I'm really looking for are any tips, advice, or shortcuts for learning what kinds of meshes/textures are in all the various packages. If I had some idea of where to look I'm sure my mapping speed would improve dramatically. I just don't think it's normal to spend 20 hours (of an approximate total of 40 put into the map, total) just scanning packages. If it is normal... well, tell me that too

    Any tips, tricks, or advice are welcome and appreciated. I hope to have my first map out to you all soon!

    I'd like to know as well. Maybe some 3rd party program to browse all the textures and meshes. Wouldn't need the editor, just load them up in the program and browse.


      Hopefully when the New UDE branded WOTgreal is released it'll include a package extractor that works and have an UnArt program (Like UnDox that makes html from the class scripts) so you can get screenshots and thumbnails of meshes/textures.

      Just something that extracts all images at 32pixels size then save as jpg before generating a html page like a photoshop contact sheet.


        It would be nice if the texture editor would just put things in categories like the actor browser does. If you want a door, you go to say "Indoors" then "Doors" and then their are the textures. I can't stand searching textures and static meshes. There is a statue that I want and it is a woman holding a "bowl". I used it before and I can't find the static mesh. Irritating.


          This was probably one of the major complaints with UnrealED 3 for UT2003. and just by the time you get the hang of what mesh is in what package.... they come out with UT2004 and introduce more and freakin name them these ambigous name again. Man... you'd think they'd AT LEAST GIVE THEM MEANINGFUL names this time around. or pactage them in a more organized mannor OR AT LEAST BUILD ALL THEIR MESHES AT THE ORIGIN so you don't have to twist and move the view point around searching for the stupid mesh.... but i digress

          I think someone was at some point thinking about cataloging the meshes with some type of screen shot. I really think this would win the "Make something Unreal" contest if someone were to make it. like sandmanfvr said above. I think they need some organization BIG TIME. there should be a search function for the Static meshes... look for doors, or ramps, or lights, or whatever. WE NEED THIS.

          anyway... happy clicking until then


            I were thinking to list all the StaticMeshes and Textures, so it would be easier to look for that special one...


              The only issue I really have when browsing for SM's is that fact that half of them weren't built at the origin, this you need to fly around the SM browser to see them.


                Anyone know of a website that has all the meshes with the names just to browse through?


                  this was the most annoying thing about the ut2k3 editor... besides the white viewports, and dynamic lighting.

                  Someone could do this, if i had some time i prolly could, but alas,

                  Maximize the texture or Static Mesh Browser take a screen shot, export to PS or someother graphic suite, save as JPG, label

                  and find a site to upload them. Make sure to catagorize them in the current packs and use the same file names.

                  Somone started this for UT2K3, they got 1 or 2 static mesh and texture pack done but they never finished.

                  believe me this would be a GREAT tool for mappers and modding communities. Just have to find someone willing to do it. Would prolly take at least a month to do with all the new stuff of UT2K4~!

                  You could get fancy and create a searchable database and create custom groupings... but be careful, if you use 1 texture from a pack in your map it will load the ENTIRE pack of textures for your map.



                    Holy ****, that sounds like a colossal undertaking.

                    My strategy is this: accept from the start that if you want to get your map done this lifetime, you're not going to have EVERYTHING ideally textured. Get something that looks decent, and move on.

                    Now, I'm not a very good mapper (in terms of aesthetics), so this strategy might not work for you if you're mapping for kudos. I map for fun.


                      Wow thats a lot of work. I would probably do it at work but I cant install my dvd edition here (no dvd rom). I dont have enough time to do it at home.


                        Maybe a good idea would be to have it centrally managed, somehow. Like take in volunteers and have one person do one pack of screenshots, one do another, and so on, so it would all get compiled quickly.

                        I could throw up a quick php/sql site that could take all this input in and organize / display it.

                        Any takers?


                          I'd do it...if you have like 10 people go at it...5 for meshes 5 for textures and we all do 1-2 packages each day we could get it done in like a week I'd imagine