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    Originally posted by NiTrOcALyPsE

    More often than not, I've found that looking into official retail maps has answered many questions for me. If I don't know how to create a certain effect, I go into a retail map that has a similar effect and look around in the actor properties to see just how it works. Normally this solution is much quicker than asking on a forum and waiting for a reply.

    ...ahhhhh, the sign of a truely efficient programmer reusing code snippets etc.


      Re: Re: WHITE VIEWPORTS? READ THIS Before Posting!

      Originally posted by FragMaster666
      lol you summed it up in 1 How many people ask this? (I shouldn't laugh, I did once - but that was way back and I think i was ONE OF the first to ask )

      I think you've contributed more to the community by answering this than you ever could by making maps :up:
      I also asked once. In fact I think thats why I registered all the way back in 2002. That was for UEd 2. Looks like they never worked out the bug. I hope its still there in the next UEd. It wouldnt be the same without it.

      And have you seen her maps? OMFG why cant I make maps like that? Lifes unfair.


        White Voewports...

        Just writing a quick note to say thanx Angel_Mapper for ya advice on white viewports, im pretty much a noob when it comez to unrealed at the mo' but freaked out when i saw the white

        Thanx 4 ya recommendation, was easy to fix...:up:


          Originally posted by Shakuurn
          And under no circumstances should the terrain be larger than 256*256. :bulb: It increases the filesize exponentially, the number of polygons rises (Also exponentially) and sometimes one of the following four things happen when trying to load/play the map (Particularly to those with lower end video cards):

          When too many terrain triangles have to be rendered, all your terrain becomes completely transparent.

          The game crashes and exits with a CreateTexture Failed error.

          The game crashes and exits with a CreateVertexBuffer Failed error.

          No textures appear at all and are completely replaced by a blank whiteness, as if the level was in Lighting mode. Crosshairs are replacedwith ugly coloured squares, the menus are giant white rectangles and texture appears as a big array of coloured rectangles. :bulb:
          That is when you adjust your terrain sector size, add anti-portals/bsp's, and add fog. I've got a map somewhere that uses a 1024x1024 terrain texture, I believe. Of course it is scaled 32x to fit a large map experiement.

          I've recently encountered a new "white viewport" with the latest ATI and 3369 patch - apparently when I jam to iTunes or Media Player I eventually loose Windows handles or something and no textures are rendered to my 3D map views. Usually quitting iTunes et al saving my map and rebooting fixes it, but at first I just thought it was the white viewport deal until the configure thing didn't work on it lol.


            I tryed what you said but i still have white veiw ports!please help PLZ


              Thank God for this sticky

              I wonder why my viewports went away in the first place, lol..


                Angel mapper, you are my hero. <3 <3


                  I have discovered a little experimenting with UnRealEd.ini in a text editor( Notepad or Wordpad) allows me to preset the initial default configuration.

                  Most of the time some kind of updating is supposed to happen starting up UnRealEd with your last viewport config, but not always.

                  So take a look at UnRealEd.ini, make a backup copy and experiment with the structure of it.

                  Also sometimes Windows will force a read only attribute on all your Unreal files making it difficult for the game to save such things.


                    LIFE SAVER.... I'm dumb and this is a lifesaver


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                      It agree, the useful message


                        I forgot but it is possible simply I've done it a long time ago
                        Edit to who ever wwas talkin about the dynamic lighting thing pulsing or flickers threw walls question
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