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Modelling requirements and format

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  • Modelling requirements and format

    I've got some modellers who can't seem to get the format right for a UT2003 model. I was wondering if someone can tell me, what is needed to make a UT2003 model that can appear in game? The models are all made in 3DSMax and export properly into usx format. Do I need animation, skins, and bones for it to work or what? What specifics are needed?

    Thank you,

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    Perhaps you should be more specific with your question. You state that they export correctly, but they don't "work"? In exactly what way don't they work? If you are making characters, then you need a skeleton with a textured skin bound to it, along with animations for all of the movements. You can also make actors without animations, the difference being you won't need an animation file. And of course you need to include any script files that will be associated with the model. Here, visit this site:

    Look under Content Creation, there are a great many tutorials that outline the various methods employed to make content for this game. Additionally, go here:

    Check out the video training lessons, they are very well done. The only problem with them is that they jump between Maya and MAX a lot, so you need to either be proficient in both or know how to convert between the two. Hope this helps.


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      They've already checked those. We're trying to get weapon models in game. When we run the game, the models simply do not appear. As far as I know all the coding is correct. Would it help if I provided a sample file?



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        i'd simply like to learn how to do it... i have like a half dozen models (from my adventures in modelling ) that i would love to try in UT2k3 and see how they look.. but i dont know how to convert them to .usx, nor do i know any code to get them into the game... though i do know a little code from UT, but i dont think that will help much here....

        anyway, if someone could give me a link to a good tutorial site plz. thx alot.


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          Is everything triangulated? *cheesy grin*


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            Ah yes, it is a real surprise the first time you import a model with quads instead of triangles.


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              Hehehe, yeah mine looked like swiss cheese.... Not as tasty though. :haha: