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3ds Max Vehicle for UT2004

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    3ds Max Vehicle for UT2004

    Hey people, great site! I hope someone here can help me with this.

    I'm using 3ds Max 6 and I've created a vehicle for UT2004. I have it skinned and everything and I am stuggling with the import into UnrealEd. I have created the bone structure inside the vehicle and have linked them to the root bone. I also have created a character (while having the root bone selected). For some reason, just having the bones in the static mesh gives me this error when I try to import into UnrealEd:

    "ASE Importer Error: Did you forget to include geometry AND materials in the export?"

    Well, I DID include geometry AND materials in the export. I even followed some tutorials on how to do this, but as soon as they get into more advanced lessons, like vehicles, they switch to Maya... which I don't have.

    Anybody out there know if there's a trick to this or if I'm just missing something in 3ds Max? All I know is that I can import the vehicle fine WITHOUT the bone structure, but of course, it won't function in the game.

    I appreciate any information people can offer on this.


    Sgt. Foofer

    You have to export the vehicle with the ActorX plugin... and when you do just select the vehicle mesh and it will export the bone system with it.

    Then when you import it, import it into the animation browser.

    I'm gonna make a tutorial on importing a vehicle from 3d max in the near future (maybe tomorrow if nothing comes up)...


      Thanks for the info NeoNautica, I got the plugin tonight and got a short tutorial on it at the same time. I got the export done with textures and everything and I go into the animation tab (UnrealEd) and choose Mesh import. Now I get some great big Critical Error, something about General protection fault, and then UnrealEd crashes.

      I have been working in 3d programs for a while, creating animations and such, but this is the first time I'm putting my designs to actual use in a game. I find the importing to UnrealEd a little frustrating.

      I'm close, but not there yet. Maybe I'm forgeting something in the way the bones are linked, or maybe I need to group everything together differently... Like I said, it's the first time I get to "port" my creations over to another program.

      If there is anything else anyone can add, it would be great. I'm sure all creators out there want their minions to come to life at one point! Same fatherly feeling here.

      Thanks again to anyone who can help me.

      Sgt. Foofer where's that hammer...


        If you really want to see if you're doing it right, type out what youre doing to export from 3DS and then to import, maybe someone will catch the error there :up:


          Well, I'll start at the start... (usually a good place to start).

          After I have the whole vehicle designed and textured (multiple parts), I save any movable parts like turrets or wheels in separate files and keep the body parts in the main file. I then "attach" the body parts together to form one item. I don't group them, I use the attach function and select the other parts, one by one.

          Then I add a bone where the center (root) of the body will be. I add other bones for the wheel locations and turrets and then "link" them to the root bone. I don't create "connect bones", I just use the link function in the top task bar.

          The next part involves making sure the pivot for each part (or bone) points in the correct dirrection (Z axis up). Then I select the root bone and choose to create a character. I usually test the whole thing by selecting the root bone and rotating it to see if everything follows the movements.

          Finally, I go into the actorX export and choose where the file will be created and name it. The only other options selected are "all skin-type" and "all textured". I choose to "Save mesh/refpose" and it gives me a pop-up that says the file has been created. Then inside UnrealEd, I go into the Animations Browser and choose File, Mesh Import. I then select the file to import and that's when I get the error.

          I want to stress again how much I appreciate the help up to now. It's good to see there are still a lot of helpfull creators out there.

          I hope someone can catch what I'm missing.

          Sgt. Foofer


            Is it possible you do some small textured animations to verify that you are doing it correctly (not that you don't sound like you know what your talking about) but, maybe your missing something.



              BTW you got the error (forget to import materials and geometry) bcs you have to select the mesh itself in max and choose export SELECTED instead of the simple export command even if there is nothing else in your scene. Also, though i'm not sure about this one, you have to check ik chains and mapping coordinates in settings even in case there is no ik at all.