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Anyone here use 3dsmax?

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    Anyone here use 3dsmax?

    I want to add a vehicle model to ut2004 but cant find any tutorials on youtube.
    Anyone have any links to some video tutorials?

    I'm not sure if this tutorial is complete, I do know you will need to use the ActorX plugin for 3dsmax.
    I haven't done a vehicle before, but if I were to start I would maybe use the skeleton of an existing vehicle and rig the model to it.
    I do use Milkshape3D, which is an easy program to learn.


      Well in Milkshape you can export the mesh as a .psk and then the animations as a .psa. In ActorX, I think it imports it into UnrealEd upon export.
      In the video tutorial on the UT2004 Bonus Disc, they use some plugin, along with Maya to import in a similar way, not sure if watching that would help, the videos for a weapon or vehicle.
      Check out some other link here on exporting and stuff.
      Look at post #7.

      Maybe something here:
      If you can't, is it possible to just export from 3dsmax as just a .psk.
      The psk is the skeletal mesh, and psa is the animation.
      I think the weapon is a separate mesh and animation, and then referenced in your code for the vehicle, probably just a default property.
      If you need help with the code, don't get discouraged, I can help.

      If your new to coding, just look at the code for the vehicle' you rigged your model to.
      You will need to compile some code for your vehicle.
      You need at least the Mutator class, to show up in the Mutators tab.
      At the very least the class for the vehicle, were you could at least rename an existing vehicle, then you start changing things from there.
      I usually start there, and just compile code after changing 1 or 2 things about it before moving on, i test to make sure all is working, and each change will result in a possible new class needed.
      Once you get it to work in-game, so I wish you luck on that part, because right now it is the most important part.


        Here is a link to the exported scripts for UT2004 patched 3369.
        In the Actor Browser in UnrealEd, look under pawn.

        Sorry I don't feel well tonight I will have to check back later, I can help get you started.
        Anyway just look in the classes in the Onslaught folder of the UT2004scripts3369.
        I would use the code from this folder instead of copying code from unrealed.


          Hey, sorry for the late response, I have the flu and have been pretty out of it for the past couple of days.
          I'm not sure atm I can be much help, but I will try.
          It sounds like your on the right track, I happened to compile the old fashioned way thru command prompt window, but it results the same as the ConText.
          I would import your psk into the animations browser and save, just to make sure your import is going well.
          I think the static mesh for your vehicle is only for the dead vehicle object.
          The vehicle itself, if i'm not mistaken, has no animations.
          If your weapons have animations, then they will be separate.
          After you compile your code, what are the errors, usually the errors point directly to specific line numbers to help out finding where the problems are.
          You could also post your code here so I can see.
          If you extend a vehicle's class, you dont have to include all the code from the class you are extending.
          It doesn't take much for something not to compile right.
          I wish I was feeling a little better, maybe I could help.


            Put your code in here

            I think you may have to setup the command line for the ucc make to launch. Look in your Context program options, and type:
            UT2004\System\ ucc make

            Make sure you have a folder in UT2004 for your mod, and then your classes are in a folder called Classes in your mod folder.
            Also you need to edit your UT2004.ini to put your mod line in for the code to compile.
            Search UT2004.ini for "editp" type in a line EditPackages=YourModName
            and save UT2004.ini.
            If you compile and there are errors, you won't be able to open unrealed unless you delete that line and re-save, but if all goes well you won't have to worry about it.


              Originally posted by BlackDog
              In the Context program under options wich menu and wich tab to click?
              Maybe just for now you could try compiling using the command prompt way. I don't have Context installed atm, I am not sure how to setup.
              In Windows, you can click on Run in the Windows Start Menu, and type cmd
              or if you just click WIN + R and type cmd

              Then type: cd\ut2004\system ...and press enter which will show this now.
              Now type: ucc make ...and hit enter

              This will compile any mods that have not been compiled that are listed under EditPackages in UT2004.ini.
              It will also tell you which line the error is in if the code does not compile, thus failing.
              The ucc.log file also tells you this.


                I haven't come across a superclass error so far, so I can't exactly say what that means.
                Usually doing modding there is always something that can conflict, as you get better at it, you know what to try and watch out for.

                Ok I will go down the list to figure out any problems, as if I were compiling the code myself.
                As I can tell you have class ONS_JetBike.uc and your first line says ONS_JetBike extends ONSHoverCraft.
                For some reason when it is compiling it is referring to ONSHovercraft, I'm not sure why at the moment.

                I also see in the ucc.log that it failed to load package JetBike.u
                , as you do compiling make sure to backup your .u file of your mod, only if you want, considering sometimes just recompiling can give you the new .u package for your mod.
                You also have to delete this .u file if you want to recompile, or it won't overwrite it, it will be the same .u file and no changes will be made.

                So make sure to try and recompile your class, you will have to delete the JetBike.u file, each time you recompile, presuming this is from your mod.
                After you compile, if it gives you a similar error, I would suggest renaming your packages.
                For example, I downloaded a skin one time and it wouldn't work because the texture package had the same name as the voice package, tf2sniper.utx and tf2sniper.u, these 2 would conflict with each other, and thus wouldn't work right.
                I see your texture package name is the same as the class, not sure if it is conflicting, but I would call your animations or textures or static meshes, packages, having a unique name, like JetBikeMeshes, or JetbikeTextures.
                Make sure to update your class, references to the textures or animations in your class.

                Well anyway, after you get this to compile right, you eventually need a mutator class to use to swap maybe with the Manta when playing a game. You can also use vehicle swap tools to do the same, or in a ONSlaugt map, offline, you can even summon
                the vehicle with a console command.
                There is also a way to test your mesh without coding it, although you will want to continue to try to get this to work, because in the end, it will be a more powerful way to get the Bike to do what you want.
                You can subclass the vehicle in a map of your own, subclass the Hoverbike, compile changed(in unrealed), and then click on the new class in the actor browser, and click default properties, and change the mesh but selecting it in the animations browser,
                then in default properties, click use under mesh. Then once you have done that, with the vehicle selected in the actor browser, add it to the map, save map, and play map. Like I said, it is easy to do, use your own map to do it, so not to overwrite
                an existing map.


                  I'd recommend using UMake for compiling, it very easy and set up so you don't have to edit your UT2004.ini file.

                  The error you are getting sounds like you don't have the line "EditPackages=Onslaught" added to UT2004.ini [Editor.EditorEngine] section


                    I can't say for sure, I can only hope your import of the psk went well. For some reason it in can't find ONS_JetBike.ukx.
                    Maybe the error on line 228 may have something to do with that. I haven't coded a vehicle before, but I'm thinking what your doing should be fairly simple, as long as the bike imported successfully.
                    Meowcat has done vehicles before, so I'm hoping there isn't to much more that just changing a few lines here and there, hopefully not intertwined into the Onslaught class too much where we would need to have many classes, at least not yet.
                    As far as I can tell so far, you just have the one class, which will just change the skeletal mesh, and since its rigged to the HoverBike, it should be easy.

                    I'm thinking, if you want, you could send me the psk and I could try and import, just to see how it is importing, or send me the ukx and the utx files.
                    You could send me a message if you want, and I will send you the files if I can get it to import correctly.
                    At least for now, we want to make sure that it will work, or it won't matter how good the coding is.


                      Ok I will help get it started, and at any point you can re-import things if needed, like for updates for it.
                      Since you are new to importing into unrealed, and exporting from 3dsmax.
                      I am using Milkshape3D, an easy program for getting things setup.
                      I will get the package setup, and as you get more familiar with everything you can change things as you learn it, so the vehicle fits your needs.

                      I was hoping to get the texture, any chance you can send me that, that way I can setup the ukx and utx packages, and use the code you have so far to get it in the game.
                      Also I know you will get more changes for it, so if I come across something I can't figure out, hopefully someone like meowcat can help.
                      I always wanted to do a vehicle, maybe some day I will import a vehicle just for fun.

                      OK good news, I had success getting things to work so far, I will go over what I did to help out so you know what to do when importing.
                      I still need the texture for it to complete, and I had to setup some of the collision boxes for it, for now it was easy, I just used the HoverBike values, since that is what we used.
                      I still need to work out the meshes or emitters that are used for the HoverBike when you jump, still looks cool so far.


                        OK thanks for the texture. I will send what I have got so far, I almost have it.
                        I'm not sure if actorx makes the ukx and utx, I haven't used it before, but I think when it exports it into unrealed, you may have to give it a package name for the ukx and utx(i think), because if you don't it wouldn't import it.
                        Also since we are using the HoverBike as a base to get this to work, we will be using all names the same, but before you start changing anything, let me send you what I have so far.
                        If I don't send tonight, I will try to send tomorrow.

                        I did see in Psyonix's tutorial, that he does recommend using unique and different names for all packages and files so not to cause any problems, so make sure when importing that nothing has the same name.
                        Well except when it comes to the bones, since we are using the skeleton from the HoverBike, all the bones and collision boxes will be the same values and names, but they could easily be called something different, but it must match the code you are using.


                          I'm pretty sure I can get things answered tonight.
                          Also before I forget, here is this link.
                          Not sure if it will help but worth a look.

                          I do use Milkshape a lot these days, I have ported in many of characters these days.
                          The Terminator character actually was already put in UT2004 by Evil Engine, so I lucked out there and didn't have to rig the model.
                          When I do import characters, I export out of Milkshape as a .psk file.
                          I think you can export out of 3dsmax that way, but ActorX is supposed to make it easier I'm guessing.

                          Your on the right track with the package names, but I will post what I have so far, maybe you can use what I have put together, but it is your project so if you change everything its ok, I just like to help.
                          I think you will eventually get the ActorX to work, I would hang in there. This stuff is tedious to learn, but very rewarding when you have accomplished what you have set out to do, and learned a lot as well.

                          I will post again in a bit, just have to go back over what I did the other day.


                            Ok, I will go thru what I did to get this far, sorry if I leave something out, it is always easy to miss something.

                            The first zip you sent me had the psk you exported from 3dsmax.
                            I imported it into Milkshape3D, and noticed that there was no skeleton attached to it.
                            So when you have it in 3dsmax, make sure that all the vertex are assigned to their proper bones, or joints.
                            In this case, there are no animations for the HoverBike, so the JetBike will have none, unless some day you add something that needs animations, then we will need to use the proper code.
                            But for now, I imported the HoverBike skeleton, so I can assign all vertex to the HoverCraft bone. For now leave the bone names the same, because sometimes they are referenced in the code, so if you change them, you would have to change it in the code.
                            I then exported as a .psk, which I later imported into unrealed in the animation browser, and then saved the animation package as JetBikeAnim.ukx.
                            One more thing I found out, that you have to do is edit the Collision Boxes in the JetBikeAnim.ukx in the animation browser(in mesh properties), I used the same values as the HoverBike, so it will have the same collision as it, it probably needs re-adjustment.
                            Since I left the bone names the same, there is a reference to the bone name in both collision boxes that were needed for your JetBike. Without these, you wouldn't be able to drive the vehicle, it would be stuck in the dirt.

                            Ok next, we needed a static mesh for the JetBike, and this will be used for when the JetBike is destroyed when playing in UT2004. Don't confuse this with the skeletal mesh, the psk we imported was the skeletal mesh.
                            So I just exported the same mesh, from Milkshape, as a .lwo file, which is a lightwave file, which can be imported into the static mesh browser in unrealed. Now in 3dsmax, you should be able to export as a .ase file, and you can import that filetype into unrealed as well as a static mesh.

                            So I now have saved the texture in its own utx package(utx), the static mesh in its own package(usx), and the skeletal mesh in its own package(ukx).
                            Now for the one class we have for the JetBike. I named it ONSJetBike.uc. I used the HoverBike code, just like what you sent me.
                            The only things I have changed so far in the code is the reference to the skeletal mesh, and the static mesh.
                            I decided to leave out the texture for now, even though it is saved in the package, the code has references to a red skin and a blue skin, that were used for the HoverBike. When you are finished skinning it, you may want to include team skins.
                            If you open the animation package, you will notice I assigned a material to it, most of the time you don't need to do this, because it is usually referenced in the code.
                            I assigned a texture to the static mesh, so when your vehicle blows up, it has some type of texture on it.

                            Ok I had the JetBike folder in the UT2004 folder, and I added this line to the UT2004.ini
                            then saved UT2004.ini
                            make sure not to overwrite any of the existing EditPackage lines.
                            When compiling, if your EditPackaged line is there, it will always open its associated packages. When you are done with your project, you can delete your project EditPackage=JetBike from the UT2004.ini
                            so it doesn't keep loading every time. You can always re-edit at anytime.

                            I also want to note that sometimes you will need to add a line of code to your class, to open certain packages needed for your project to load properly.
                            These lines are usually at the top of the class, and usually start like this: #exec OBJ LOAD FILE=...

                            So I have all packages saved, I just edit the main vehicle class ONSJetBike.uc so now we can compile the code.
                            I always use the command prompt, but like meowcat mentioned, the program UMake is very commonly used to compile code.
                            I haven't tried it, it helps eliminate a couple steps t make things easier.
                            For example, every time you change your code, and want to compile again to update the changes, you will need to delete the .u file and possibly the .ucl file, or it will not update anything.

                            I compiles the code, everything went ok, no errors. I tested in the game by opening ONS-Torlan, and it only seemed to work for now when I was on the red team, but basically I started the match,
                            I was in an offline match, so I can type in 'summon jetbike.onsjetbike' into the console, without quotes. Also you need to type in god into the console when summoning so it doesn't spawn on top of you and kill you.
                            It works, is ready for your next changes.

                            If you want just use this class and build off of it, or use your own, just make sure the package names match your code.
                            The next step is to create a mutator class, basically another .uc file in your JetBike\Classes folder so it would replace the Manta when starting a match.
                            I will look into that tonight, I will post it as soon as I find it.

                            So if you compile this same class I sent in a PM, with the packages(utx,usx,ukx) in place, it should work.
                            Sometimes just doing the minimal to get it to work just once, can help eliminate other errors, but you should also be able to export from 3dsmax as a psk, but don't quote me on that, I'm not sure.
                            In either case, I could still help you get the psk if you have an update for it.
                            I have already compiled so all you really need for now is to install the ucl and .u in the system folder, and install the utx,usx,ukx.
                            Then start a match and summon jetbike.onsjetbike in the console. Make sure it is an Onslaught match, most gametypes don't allow vehicles unless it is coded in the map.
                            Also remember the skin is the HoverBike still.

                            The next things you may want to change other than the skin is the sounds.
                            Also there are references to other properties, like the jump effect, it has some emitters or something that needs adjusting, or maybe you may just to get rid of them completely, but at the least you could just adjust where the emitters are when you hit the jump button when driving your vehicle, because they are way too far out.

                            As for the ActorX, I will keep checking into it, I know you need to enter the package names if you export, not sure about if the packages already exist, and a lot of the other things that needs checked.


                              This seemed kinda simple to me, the script was very limited, and I have imported many skeletal meshes at this point.
                              I know that the original psk you sent me didn't have any skeleton, because if you try and import a psk without it, unrealed crashes.

                              I read this post
                              "In max you don't use bones for vehicles, you merely create a hierarchy using select and link".
                              There are some more info on importing with ActorX out there, try google to search for them.
                              In the mean time, I can help you import your psk, and your UV mapping is still the same, I didn't mess with it. You could still change the skin without re-compiling. As long as the UVmapping is the same.
                              The texture you see in game is just the HoverBike texture.