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Uneal Ed 2004 Lagging?

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    Uneal Ed 2004 Lagging?

    Hi all has anyone heard, after you start to get alot of meshes goin the editor starts to lag real bad?
    I don't even have that much stuff on my map and it's lagging so bad I just about can't do any more work.

    im on win 10 and it runs smooth maybe video drivers are they up to date


      Disable antialiasing.
      Lower the quality settings in UT before opening UEd.
      Swap to a different view mode while moving the camera. eg. not textured or with lighting.

      Try the D3D9 renderer.
      32 bit is in the first 2K4 patch (ut2004-winpatch3204)
      64 bit is in the 64 bit patch (ut2004-win64-3369)
      You can chose it normally in the game, but you will have to manually edit the UnrealEd.ini file