I'm currently playing a custom game mode made by Overload from UTZone called CTF4. I love the game because I get to have a challenge and strategize my play style. The only thing that really bothers me is that when someone grabs a weapon, whether they by bot or player, the weapon disappears and doesn't show up until after about 30 seconds. This is a huge issue for me because in desperate times when I need to grab an emergency weapon when being raped while carrying like, 3 flags, I have to wait a super long time for said weapon.

So I decided to edit the .u file using a program called UTPT. But when I opened the .u file with said program, I was overwhelmed by the massive content inside the .u file. I learned that it was the weaponstay=X value that made the weapons disappear, because the x value was false. I tried to find the section of the .u file that contained the weaponstay string, but there is just so many sections and trees that it's practically impossible without a search bar or shortcut key.

If anyone knows where the weaponstay string is located in the u. files of custom game mod, I'd really appreciate it.