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Porting A UT99 Model

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    Porting A UT99 Model

    I've been working on porting a model from good ol' UT99 for about a year now, and, pathetically, have gotten absolutely NOWHERE with it. Unfortunately, there's a multitude of problems I've come across.

    1.) He doesn't hold weapons. That problem I've fixed, at least on the skeleton, but the animations are all screwed up due to that.

    2.) He stops walking when firing. Like the above problem, it's an issue of the bones having wrong names, and is easily fixed, except for the now even more sullied animations. It often chains into a lack of animation affectionately dubbed 'South Park-ing', for the great resemblance it bears to that animation style.

    3.) There is no vehicle animation. I planned to use the backwards dodge animation (1 frame, like the driving anim), but perhaps can find a better way.

    4.) As can probably be guessed, I don't have a clue as to how to fix the animations or if it's even possible to do so, and please forgive me if it's obvious information. This is what I've spent most of my time struggling with, and tutorials have amazingly failed to help me. Maybe I'm dumb, maybe not. The new mesh has messed up the anims and I don't know how to fix it.

    5.) Finally, the textures are split into four sections whereas UT2004 uses two. It reads the head and torso/crotch area of the model as its two sections, the legs and backpack/hip pouch having to be applied in the editor. This leads to the Invisibility adrenaline combo being useless (hur dur floating legs) and the dissolving body having opaque legs and a floating backpack.

    Unfortunately, I am easily distracted, so this has been a VERY on-off project. And I really need some help. I'm afraid I can offer no reward, but if you can and are willing to help, I would have no end of gratitude.

    ...I hate to say I can't post pictures of the model.

    Could the model be linked to an existing UT2004 skeleton and still look OK? (despite the fact that the skeletons are all too "leggy"/spindly)

    ....And considering the myriad of player model and vehicle ports or recreations of copyrighted IP for this (now very old) game and UT3 already, I'm not entirely sure you'd get in trouble posting a pic of a ported model attempt anyways (distributing it might be a different story)... Some recent examples include Quake3TA models, a couple of pokemon, MGS, HaloCE models of MC etc.


      Thanks for the reply.
      I'd thought about using existing skeletons, but the model is an anthropomorphic wolf with digitigrade legs.

      I'd post a direct picture, but I'm not allowed to post attachments or something.


        Hmm.... I would probably try rigging that model to either the Skaarj or GenMokai skeleton. It may need to have its model "beefed up" a bit by scaling some of the arms/legs/chest up a tad, but I think it would work ok. What modelling program are you using?


          I use Blender. I was hoping to use the original anims since I definitely prefer them to the stock anims. Sometimes they strike me as rather goofy. As a last resort, I could probably use the Skaarj skeleton if I knew how. The GenMoKai swimming... dear goodness...


            Yes I agree, the default animation sets are absolutely over-the-top, hyper-extended goofy.... most of the run cycle animations have a weird cartoon character style movement/feel/bounce to them. That's why I could never really bring myself to rig my own YARM mod's character models to them (so instead I opted to use my own rather poorly animated skeletal anims). I have the default UT2k4 skeletons in Milkshape3D format, and might be able to export them to a format that Blender could import if needed.


              Thanks for the offer. I extracted the skeletal mesh and anims with UModel, and I believe they work. I just have to figure out how to attach the mesh to the armature. Maybe it's just tonight, but the tutorial is going over my head. Luckily, the skeleton is roughly the same size as the model's original skeleton, so I don't think I'll have to beef it up. It's a good idea if it comes to that though, thanks for sharing.