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MMD to UT2k4 compatible models?

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    MMD to UT2k4 compatible models?

    I'm interested in converting MMD (MikuMikuDance) models (pmx or pmd format) to make them playable in UT2k4 but I have absolutely no idea nor experience on how to do this (not getting straight answers in google either since so far the results are UE4 related). What is the recommended 3D format to convert so I can look into it?

    there are scripts in 3dsmax where you can import PMD/PMX models and use actor X to export the models

    take note that since the bone structure of the PMD/PMX models are different from the standard bone structure of UT2004 meshes, you need to create your own animations


      You will have to rig them to UT2k4 skeletons. Making a whole new set of animations for a model ripped from another game doesn't sound very reasonable for me.


        UE4 MMD is false FBX animations MMD bridge FBX but not running in game format movie mode

        MMD Bridge→MAYA→CryEngine
        MMD Bridge→MAYA→UE4

        you have to use the PMD or PMX models and assemble at UT because bones do not recognize ut not in script format especificados y less bones in Japanese
        -so far none of the UE mmd videos are playable all are choreographic fbx import but this makes no sense for a game engine rather it is for an engine grapic

        I had to do for my mod zero and UT3 these works perfectly but I take long to simulate the facial and physical is like one PMX zero start
        my tools:
        PMD/PMX Editor tranform PMD format and PMD 3dmax ( mariokart ) 3d max 2010 - and unreal x actor
        in UT3 problematic UV maps ( head and body base ) in MMD 1 PMD used more textures

        My Proyect support :

        started this about three years ago before the advent of MMD in CryEngine3 and EU4 port and keep working on this since ._.
        I need more polish... but I'm happy to play with these models in IA UT3 Bots n.n

        Fail UT3 MMD TDA - not my video models 6 dic. 2012
        as to UT2004 I do not think that engine support PMX variant models are very heavy for engine UE2