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    Change:: Conversion software request

    Does any one know of good free software to convert my 3ds file to ase or lightwave (ase preffereably)
    Or one that converts from

    To ase or light wave (preferably .ase Please)
    Does blender have what it takes to do it and I have milkshape i know it can but i hate renewing my sub to it just to use the free version I know there is a free software with this ability out there without the renewing it proces.

    EDIT::: I WILL POST MY RESEARCH UNDER HERE-- -- -- -- -- -- (GOing through google no will post links to download mirrors with descriptions and webiste links that have convertors imbedded to the page with a description for those as well)

    I found one that have been working called 3dconvertor

    Its working for me and its FREE****

    Not sure if this will help, but I made a .ase exporter for Milkshape3D, its available here.