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Is there a trick to speeding up my ping as a host........

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    Is there a trick to speeding up my ping as a host........

    I am a custom map maker so maybe it is all about the graphics in the map i made (chagning light maps , reducing polys, and etc) i knoiw these all work but what is the main trick to geting my server up to the 100' becasue im in the 240 zone which is def. not good for an invasion.

    then when i host it from my desktop in the living room i get 40 ping i dont understand. I wish they made a mod for this issue of myne and i ONLY had 1 other dude in the server and we both had 240 ping whe ni hosted from my labtop. But i could not get the same map hosted from the living room on the desktop without it being only lan connection for some odd reason

    Can some one give me anything or do i have to save up for a couple hundred dollar hard drive for the toshiba labtop im using( i know that is the esiest but longest way so I have to ask is there more ways besides buying upgrades and downgrading the graphics of the individual maps)
    i mean i did just start hosting today so maybe i didn't give it time or something but i need to start finding answers so this is also what ill be checking back with if anyone knows what's good.

    I will upload the server from the labtop again (thats where i want it thoguh cuz my pops don't want me to use his dekstop)
    it will be in invasion calle dRPG Dedicated

    Thx for ur time