I want my server to load custom maps like *snap* but i don't know if i need a mod to unload the packages to the downloader's or am i supposed to go in the editor and use the redirect url thingy becasue i uploaded this map to 4share for that reason (since mediafire is not working lately) Is this the right way to go about speeding up the download speed for my server go into networking in advanced options in ue3

Or if there is a mod / mut that does this for me(hopefully its just a mut) then can you please point me in the right direction to get that particular adjustment so i can have players not exit loading when they see it is a long wait (and i estimated it just now for them too load my map [without the extra mod but that goes quick i know] it would take exactly 6 whole min. and i know thats not a day long but i have been able to join maps thrice mine's size and it took 10 seconds)))) whatsup with that