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Warpzone problem

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    Warpzone problem

    I need your help, just some buggy problems with warpzone.
    The screens could explain more than i could.

    Example #1

    Example #2

    Example #3

    I have got some HOM or some buggy displays when i am arround the door and look through.
    You can see the skybox or the some part of the map.
    In fact, that's depend the angle of the view when you look through the door.
    When i go through the warpzone, i have instant flash.

    After, the warpzone works well. The player can go through the warpzone with any problem.

    I tryed several things without result.
    Have you any idea how i could fixe that ? have you had this kind of buggy display ?

    Looks like a BSP hole.

    First off, make sure that both warps are rectangular and of the exact same size. Then make sure that the warp zones themselves are not cut by some other brushes. Then make sure the zoning in the map is good enough so that the BSP tree isn't overloaded. And then you can fiddle around a bit with build options, particularly the zone slider (although the balance slider has some effect on the zone slider as well).


      I 'll try these.
      Even if the doors is hexagonal form, i made a rectangular brush after to add my portal brush.
      So i hope, it's not the problem.

      But, mb , i have on brush which cut the portal brush.

      I 'll try and i'll tell you.