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Unreal Ed crashes

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  • Unreal Ed crashes

    I'm trying to make a large outdoor area. I've created a brush that is 7040x7040x7040 and subtracted it. Then added the correct zone info. But when i open the terrain tool and click new and enter the package, group, name info then select the scaling of 110x110 (7040/64=110) and hit ok the program crashes. Does anyone know why? are there patches for Ed i need to get?

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    Terrains need to be a power of two, since it uses a texture to store the height, light and texture information and textures can only be powers of two. If you need to fit it to a room better you can always adjust the TerrainScale after it appears in the editor.

    My tutorial:


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      your equation is actually (room size)/(height map size)
      = (terrain grid size)

      in this case, 7040/256 = xx (its best to use a 256 or a 128 texture, because a 256 will add about 65k polys to the map, and the 128 will add about 16.7 or so thousand polys, these are huge impacts on performance, so use as small as possible). also dont use decimals, round up. also perfect size isnt nessicary, just be sure and use the visibility tool to remove any un needed areas.