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messed up mover/trigger problem DM-1on1-Anesthesia

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  • messed up mover/trigger problem DM-1on1-Anesthesia

    I have wierd probelm with triggered mover. its a tad complicated but here it goes.

    download the beta of the level here

    In this level when you fall into the goop, instead of a typical lava death you get sucked into a pipe and then get pushed up into the boiler and a hatch opens and you are shot out back into the level.

    this process works by being teleported when you hit the goop into the pipe. the pipe has a physics volume that pushes you up.
    While your in this pipe your are in a standards triggers collision radius. this trigger controls the moving hatch. the 2 movers that make up the hatch are using initail state 'trigger control'. so once you leave the end of the pipe the hatch closes.

    the properties of the two movers are identical, and in theory everything works perfectly. playing by yourself with no bots works perfectly.
    however the bots magically sometimes trigger the hatch by standing on it (completely out of the triggers collision). and sometimes the middle mover will get stuck open. or everything will get stuck open. with human players it works much better but the middle mover still gets stuck when it is exactly the same as the other (same tag and everything)

    the best way to know what im talking about is to download the small 1mb level and muck around with it. try it by yourself. and then push some bots into the goop etc. and then you'll see how this is messed up.

    so far since ive uploaded the level i have removed the wildcard base and replaced it with a fearspot. and made all the mover bNoAIrelevance = true
    thanks blitz