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skinning question

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  • skinning question

    if repainting a skin, then open skin in game & one side of model is fine and the other side has disappeared, how do I export from Ued and open/save in photoshop to keep from doing this? thank you

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    just curious, what program did you use to repaint skin,

    i have never used really anything other than photoshop,
    i might be able to help, if it doesn't have to many alpha channels


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      yah I don't know much 'bout them thar fancy alphy channels
      I'm using PS cs3 ... & to be more specific, I'm trying to paint the Gargoyle pve model. The head texture contains the wing.
      When I looked at my paint in game, the back of the wing looked fine, the front is what disappeared. I guess I saved and/or
      exported wrong?
      I did try to find an answer, but in the words of the great Vinny Bob-a-rino, "I, I get confused."


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        did you export with alpha layers you say, did you save as a tga of dds,
        or can it be fixed in unrealed by making the texture 2 sided,

        is this the character model you speak of

        when i save alpha textures i usually merge the layers, and that works for me,
        but if its more complex than that, the layers can be separate, ive seen ut2004 alpha textures that have that type,

        if all else fails you could send me the texture and i could try to resave in photoshop,