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    Bot Pathing

    This is just me being lazy but is there a way to get UnrealEd to do the bot pathing?

    In UEd2, you typed Build Paths in the box down the bottom and after a warning to tell you it would take a LONG time, it built them all for you as it saw fit.

    Is there another command for UEd3 because Build Paths doesn't work?

    Yeah UEd2 could do it, but did you ever actually try? An epileptic monkey could path a level better. :haha: Best to stick to doing it yourself, you will know the level better than a program ever will.


      im not sure what it is but is this so bots actually go places on the map

      how do you do bot pathing


        Yeah Stealth, it does exactly what it says on the grey pop up box.

        Bot pathing tells the bots where to go (I'm sure there are certain people who insist on playing at God-Like level who'd like to do just that ) and is essential unless you're only planning on playing on line / LAN.

        Easiest way is to right click on the floor of your map and hit "Add PathNode Here" and a little apple will appear (usally) at the right height for the level.

        Have a look at:
        Bot Pathing Tutorial 1
        Bot Pathing Tutorial 2#

        Which should help you on your way.

        Any I know Angel but it just saves me a whole load of time in both actually doing it and rebooting after crashes for UEd to do it itself.

        Never mind.


          Never knew you could actually do that in ued2.