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Upaint Textures! 256x256?

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    Upaint Textures! 256x256?

    I used the basic textures of Upaint (the ones already on there), and i made my own colors with that palette on there. I also imported a texture that i got off the internet (it was a background that i thought looked good)

    I get an error while trying to export to unreal.
    It says my file cant be imported because its dimensions are not powers of 2(200x200).

    How do i fix this?

    Make your pic 512x512, 512x256, 256x256, 128 x 256 or 128 x128 pixels.
    Powers of 2 are 2, 4,8,16,32,64,128,256,512,1024,2048 etc
    Your pic must be one of these numbers in width and height.
    If you were doing this and still getting that error then lots of luck.


      you really only have 2 choices for textures

      Adobe photoshop which is only for rich folks or jammy students like me who get discounts

      Or jasc paintshop pro which is relatively cheap at around £90 and has a 30 day free trial. It's not quite as powerful but it earns a solid second place.