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making textures without a seam

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  • making textures without a seam

    ive been doing some very simple textures with photoshop 7 and i was wondering if any1 knows a good way to make them repeatable without a seam. thx for any help

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    Couple ways to do this bro.

    1: Cut your texture in half and switch them. Just rectangle marquee the left half of your texture, cut it, then paste it. Now move your freshly cut left texture and move it all the way to the right (staying within the textures original borders) then move your right texture to the left. Flatten the image and use the clone tool down the middle (there will be a VERY visible seam) and soften it up or something. Now do the same steps as above, except cut the texture horizontally so you'll have a top and bottom piece. Repeat the cloning and you'll have a semaless texture.

    2: Copy and paste a piece about an inch from the left. Flip the piece horizontally so that it's reversed. Move that piece all the way to the right and clonebrush the seam until it looks even.

    Step 2 isn't that good, but it's quick.


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      Maya has a feature where you can wrap painting around to the other side of the texture, allowing seamless tiling. I'm certain Photoshop has a similar feature.


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        You could try this Seamless textures tutorial


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          thx ppls