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The Longest Snow Day - Treehouse Turret

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    Re: Re: Instead of Ladder?

    Originally posted by MattRyan
    We're treating the entire treehouse (ladder and all) as a "turret" so once someone is touching the treehouse, if it is there teams treehouse, then they may hit the use key and immediately be behind the snowball-pitcher. [/B]
    Excellent idea, possibly better than ladder or the ramp.

    I'm picturing this massive field of snow mounds, igloos, and tree forts strung together with bridges. Snowballs flying through the air (hey is that one yellow?) and the image of oversized parka wearing goons diving for cover.

    Let your imagination run wild, you have a great idea here.


      WOW! Thankyou to all of you, who suggested some great ideas. You've given me the added fuel to go back and fix it. I especially liked the idea of the sign "no girls allowed" lol.

      I also thought for an onslaught map, with vehicles we could use sleds, with mounted snowball launchers on the front, and it would take place on a mountain

      Matt and I recently went to GDC and alot of people have been following our mod and I got alot of new ideas . Alot of people said that it makes a change from the guns and corridors of other mods. Currently, Im working on 6 house designs for the neighborhood with garages that contain the usual mess. but i'll be going back to the treehouse next week for a little update in the mesh

      THX everyone for your support, more images coming real soon


        I like the feel of this mod, the characters remind me of a modern Charlie Brown Peanuts gang :up:


          I was kinda thinking of Calvin & Hobbes


            Originally posted by TheGhengisKhan
            I was kinda thinking of Calvin & Hobbes
            Oh yeah, that's it! It's closer to Calvin and Hobbes :haha:


              The look and feel of The Longest Snow Day

              It's meant to look like a cartoon, so many of our characters will have a very simple look to them. Simple shapes. Because of that, we drew some inspiration from C&H; Ed, Edd, and Eddy; and other cartoons. Since the only other snowball fighting game out there is the South Park game, we're trying to distance ourselves from that franchise as much as possible, so you probably won't be seeing any yellow snowballs or swearing little kids in our game (esp. since we'd like to have this game considered an "E for Everyone" type title.

              Now, when Epic releases the UnrealEngine 3.0 in a couple of years...then we may be talking about an update to our game with a more "teenager" feel to it. Seeing the new engine at GDC has really got my creative juices flowin' (don't worry, I've got a towel )