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HELP...No one wants to reply to my post

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  • HELP...No one wants to reply to my post

    How come no ones replying to my post!?


    Desparately need help on placing skaarj monsters to different points on a map and keeping them there, without them spawning from a player start.

    help is both greatly needed and would be appreciated.

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    Maybe nobody knows? Not a lot of people do things like that with the editor, we're all just making "normal" maps.


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      U want to spawn monsters at places where players or Bots can't spawn ???

      Open your ActorBrowser -> Pawn -> UTPAWN -> .... there you'll find it!


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        Hey Caggy/Rachel

        I've a few rooms, the first one's where the play begins and the player spawns in using the ONLY player start in the map, the other rooms are full of various monsters.

        What happens is that all the monsters disappear from the rooms and spawn in at the player start in the first room...meaning a room with more monsters than a christmas trekkie convention.

        I want the damn monsters to stay in their damn places...damn them all an' damn moby dick an' all (time for my medication I think).

        please please help christmas is only 5 months away


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          I don't think there's a way for the mapper to control that, you would probably have to code it.


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            Negative, Angel.

            xPawn + AIscript scripted controller will do it.

            Link yer monster to an AIscript.
            Set the xPawns action to WaitForEvent.
            Set an event name.
            Set a trigger near each doorway or where ever you need it.
            Link the trigger to the event.

            Set another action on yer xPawn - maybe something like TurnTowardsPlayer might do it.

            Now yer xPwan is kinda sleeping until that trigger gets tripped.
            He'll stand there forever.. waiting.. until you trip the trigger.
            Then he'll kick yer ass.


            ps: if ya need a crash course.. lemme know. it's really very easy.


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              Hey sneak!

              If you could put together a quick guide for idiots such as myself it would be a great help!

              THANKS-A-LOT, you don't know how much time i've spent trying to fix this damn problem...Thats made my day that has!!!

              Give yourself a pat on the back


              • #8
                Sure thing.
                I'll whip something up & post it here by friday.
                It'll be short & sweet - but I'll make sure it contains all the important stuff.

                And it's soooooooo easy to pull off.
                I actually learned this trick while using matinee.
                Lots of good stuff to learn in there.



                • #9
                  Once again thanks sneak!

                  :up: :up: :up:


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                    Didja ever do that lil Tutorial Sneaky? I'd love to See it!!