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    3d model import

    hi, i found some cool 3d models on the net, and i am a noob to most 3d modeling programs,
    i decided to try the blender3d, i have had luck importing into ut2004 as a .lwo file,
    but one model i really want, and when i import it only shows a couple sides of it,

    i realize this could be a blender3d question for the forums of that program,
    but is it something i am doing wrong in blender when i export it as a .lwo,
    do i need to select model inside blender when exporting?
    could it have anything to do with scale?
    maybe someone with some blender experience could give some advice,
    or point me in the right direction, maybe a certain forum post or just an answer,

    thanks for any help

    I'm a bit of a noob to 3D models too. I've recently started using Google Sketchup though, and like Blender, it's free. It's also very easy to use in comparison, even easier to learn than unreal ed. There's a plugin for the UT games that works pretty well. Google also has a 3D Warehouse service, but unfortunately a lot of the models aren't set up in a very friendly way for exporting to a static mesh. But for those that are, it's great.


      I use Blender (2.45) with Doc Holiday's .ASE exporter. Doc's exporter also allow for multiple textures. The most number of textures I've applied to a single mesh model is 12 (elsewhere I've seen people complain his exporter can only export 1 texture per mesh.. so I thought I'd get that in =D).

      But I'm not clear on the entire processes of what you're doing.

      Seems you've applied the UV (picture) to the mesh ok. You don't mention that the UT editor complained on Import about missing textures, so seems you applied textures to all faces.
      In Blender, edit, the mesh will show two-sided faces (although UV area won't - I'm talking 2.45, later Blender versions combine edit and UV area). In UT (like Blender UV editing area) only 1 side of a face will have a pic - unless you tell the texture -in UT- it is two-sided. Perhaps that's your problem, in UT you're using a 1 sided texture so it only appears that faces are missing?

      With the info you gave that's the conclusion I come to.


        the model i got off the internet was a .3ds and i imported into blender so i could convert it to a .lwo for ut2004,
        in blender it has a black and a white texture, i really don't know if it is one texture, and i haven't even looked at any uvmapping in blender,

        although i have imported other .3ds models from internet and converted to .lwo and have good luck importing into ut2004,
        my only problem with the ones i have had luck with is that they need to be scaled up, but they still look good and textures look well on them,
        i did import a statue model thru blender and in ut2004 ued i applied a cement texture and it looked fine,

        my problem with with the model i am importing is only seeing a couple sides to it, and i haven't tried to see if any textures work on that in unrealed,
        i may need to do something in blender or like you said look into uv mapping for it, i don't know if when i export as .lwo if i need to have textures linked or how that works,
        but the model looks good and textured in blender, and the only thing i have done in blender is export the .3ds into as a .lwo

        i would be willing to check out google skecthup just to see if i can get it to export for unreal ed in that,


          But before you have also imported the mesh texture(s) into UT, because you said the result was ok. Although you said you applied a 'brick texture' in UT, so maybe you're not always using the meshes' original textures, but just apply UT textures?

          Not sure, could be mesh faces are flipped. If you want, PM me with a link and I'll take a look rather me guessing. If you do, then include textures that came with the mesh.