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Bombing run goal problem

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    I must be doing one little thing wrong but I have no idea what that is. hopefully Mr Evil will see that pic I posted and know what I did wrong. I really apreciate the help BTW.


      I can see a few problems:
      • You pasted the code into the new xBombDeliveryHole when you should be pasting it into the new xBombDelivery.
      • The formating seems messed up. If you paste the code from the earlier post into Notepad first, then copy and paste that into UEd, it will fix the formating.
      • If clicking on a script seems to show the code for a different one, close all the scripts then open the one you want (from 'file->close'). It's a bug in UEd.


        Ok Mr Evil, I got it to place my new bombdelivery in, so thats set up (thank you) but how can I see how big the hole is? I changed the drawscale x=2.4 y=2.4=z=2.4 (on the hole properties in the actor browser) but I can still shoot the ball and have it just sit behind the goal and no score. if I aim in the middle it works.

        I tried placing the just the hole only to see the size and it places a 6 sided circle sheet and its big enough to fill the goal but the delivery isnt doing it. so **** close now RGHHHHH

        this is **** nightmare, even when and IF I get this to work properly I need to make it so when you jump through you score the increased points and NOT DIE. Right now if I jump though I dont score at all, obviously the hole is not getting bigger when spawned by the delivery but it LOOKS big enough if I just place the hole by itself.


          I have made the goal mesh (delivery) a little smaller but still quite a bit bigger than the original and used my new actors and it seems to be working!!!!

          A-f'nMEN so hopefully its done! we'll have to test a bunch but thanks to Mr.Evil it is working.

          Still would like to see the excat hole size its creating and where its placing it.

          Also how do you stop people from dieing when they jump through?

          Thanks to all who have helped me and especially Mr.Evil!!