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free 3d models...?

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    free 3d models...?

    Where in the world can you get Lwo or Ase format free 3D models?

    I can't afford to buy a 3D modeling program, neither have the knowledge to create one.
    There's gotta be some website that has free 3D models out there.

    I have googled for 2 hours, but can't find anything.
    Anyone knows?

    At the moment I am making a medieval map, and need a throne and statues of a woman holding a jar, and various angels.
    But in future, i will need other models.

    Please help.

    Use Blender to export the models to ASE from basically any other format. It's free, too.


      A good page to start is the UnrealWiki page about Blender:

      However, Blender recently got a stable release in the new 2.5 versions, so some things in controls and workflow changed there. But there is no problem with still sticking to the old stuff. I guess it would be even better for the sake of exporter compatibility.

      You can also use Sculptris to model what you want (should only be used for organic things), as it's pretty self-explanatory and easy to handle. After you simplified your mesh in Sculptris, you can import it into Blender as OBJ and export it to an UEd-compatible format.


        Thanks for the help, but my knowledge of modeling is next to nothing.
        I will try blender, I will just use it to convert for now, untill I get to grips to use it, and then create my own.

        I still have to find a good website which will have free model downloads, as most of the websites i went to requires you to pay for downloads.

        Thanks very much again.


          It's not that hard. You can import a low poly static mesh from the editor and then you can edit it (like the terrain with the terrain tool in UEd3) in Blender after you split it up into more triangles. But when you import/export the static meshes in Blender you shouldn't run any other programs. Same goes for import in UEd3. Sometimes they can even lose collision at some places. (Happened to me several times).

          PS: Yay I made the misshapen cargo boxes look good! Finally! It took me weeks lol


            What about the textures? Will the textures just intergrate with the model?


              Afaik they should. If not you can open the SM browser and set the materials again for this SM.
              But you should skin it the same way in the editor before converting into a SM and exporting as you want it to look like when you're done with your work.
              It's really easy A nice software imo.