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Building an assault map

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    Building an assault map

    I'm making this map its and assault map basically there are somethings i need help with first off i need to
    make some thing that you can pick up and take to a location on the map where it opens a gate.

    I like have know idea how to do this can someone help me? or even point me in the right direction.

    any help will be much appreciated

    Much love....

    Have you had a look at maps that do similar things, such as Junkyard (Power core at the beginning that you have to bring back to the Hellbender) or SubRosa (data stick to trigger the final objective)?

    You probably already checked those, but just in case you did not, you can have a look at those Assault mapping tutorials:


      god I love this forum. Everyone is so help full. (and I'm not being sarcastic)

      I will looking into this and if I come across any issue I'm sure ill be back on here


        I need some help with my map

        Ok here it is i have this as lvl where you go to a point to open a door. this works fine.. then you pick up the energy core and take it to the drop off yay but what im currently struggling with is making a mover move in to position once the core has been delivered... can anyone help me with this?


          Try it with a ScriptedTrigger. Set him somewhere in the map. In the actions you set the following:
          WAITFOREVENT (tag of your energy core delivering objective)
          TRIGGEREVENT (tag of your mover)

          If you want to have a delay before the mover starts moving you can do the following:
          WAITFOREVENT (...)
          WAITFORTIME (set time)
          TRIGGEREVENT (...)

          Of course you can make it sound even better. If it is a door you could for example trigger an alarm sound.
          You just have to add this (before TRIGGEREVENT and WAITFORTIME would be good I think):
          PLAYAMBIENTSOUND (set the sound from the sound browser)
          note that the sound will be played by the ScriptedTrigger actor! It should be placed where the alarm should come from!

          Then you open the mover properties and set it to Object->TriggerAdvance
          That should work

          PS: Don't forget to add some fancy sounds to the mover. Just go to mover sounds.
          Opening Sound = sound which will be played when the mover starts moving
          Opened Sound = sound which will be played when the mover makes a break before closing
          Move Sound = move sound
          Loop Sound = iirc it was like an ambient sound. Played the whole time. Or it was a sound which will be played when the mover is a loop mover. Not sure. I rarely use it
          Closing Sound = when the mover finished his "break" and starts moving (e.g. when door starts closing)
          Closed Sound = sound which will be played when the mover is done with moving and is now on its first position before it starts moving/sound which will be played when the mover stops closing (or when it's done with its action) when it is a door for example.

          EDIT: I think it would be good to set it to Mover->"TriggerOnceOnly" if you don't want to return to its previous position (key 0).

          EDIT2: Sorry for these edits. Well, do you actually know how to set keys? You start with the "key 1". Right click on the mover and keys->key1. This is the first position -Its starting position. Then you have to move it manually to its next position. If it is in place, set the next key (key 2 -only if you are going to make more than 2 keys! Else it must be key 0!).
          Example: You set the keys from 1 to lets say 5 and the last key has to be key0! That's the "return key". Don't forget to set the number of keys in the mover properties -> Mover -> keys. In this case it would be 6. (Default=2, change to keys: 6)
          And you should play a bit with the move time. Usually 1 is too fast. the move time is the time a mover needs to move from one key to another, not its whole move time! (or am I wrong? Uhm.. I'm not sure anymore -am really tired :S)
          I hope I could help you although it may sound a bit confusing.

          EDIT3: -.- Again an edit. Well, maybe you could tell us which kind of mover it is. Is it a lift which moves to carry the players to another place? Or maybe a door?

          EDIT4: Okay. It starts to become ridiculous LOL
          Forgot to say thank you I hope you will stay here in our community


            Can you tel me how to make the spawns to work with the scripted trigger? I been using the tutorial and i just cant get my head around it .

            I have three spawns areas in my level only the attackers spawn changes. after the first objective have been achieved ( the hold that opens the door ) I want the attackers spawn to change the the next spawn.

            I know i need to use the scriptedtrigger but i dont understand how it works.
            its the tag and event. like whats the tag do and what does the event do.... god i hope this makes sense...

            oh yeah i cant get the mover thing to work lolz.


              Tag is the name given to an actor in the map. Event is the name of the actor on the map which you want to trigger. So if you have a Trigger placed on a map, you need to change its Event to match the Tag of the PlayerStart which you want to activate or deactivate. You need an action to do that with a ScriptedTrigger, but it works the same way.


                lol edits... ok its just a ball that moves in to place once i drop the ball. its just to look nice you see.... I could up load a file for you to look at if you like...


                  Do you have a playerspawnmanager actor in your map for the defenders as well? Was it the tutorial on the Unreal wiki?

                  Well, but now to the mover:
                  Let's start with an easy example:
                  A door
                  Set the mover actor into the doorframe so that it is closed. Open the mover properties, choose a door static mesh or a block (whatever, it's just an example ) and go to Display->staticmesh and press "Use". Now your mover should have the currently selected static mesh instead of the default static mesh (an UT2004 health charger).
                  The mover should block the entrance, the door should be "closed". This will be the starting key. Info: Mover move from key to key. Keys are their "paths".
                  Right-click on the mover and the menu pops up.
                  You should see a section called keys (below the mover properties). There you click on key1 (starting key is always key1!).
                  Now you only have to move the door up so that it is open and set the next key. In this case key0 because after this key the mover should return. It's the "return key". That's how I call it always. If you want to have more keys, it would be key 2 then key 3, 4, 5 etc etc and when it shall return, you have to set it to key0. If you have for example key1-5 and key0 you have 6 keys. You have to set these in the mover properties, else it will use only 2 keys (default option). Mover Properties->Mover->Keys->6.
                  Now you have to trigger this mover of course. You only have to change this in the mover properties:
                  Properties->Object->Set to: TriggerOpenTimed
                  Now you set the "Trigger" in your map. The Event of the Trigger is the Tag of the Mover.
                  When you active the trigger by touching its collision radius, the event will start (in this case the mover will start to move).
                  If you use the ScriptedTrigger you just change these things in the mover properties:
                  Properties->Object->TriggerAdvance (used for ScriptedTriggers)
                  Something has to trigger your Mover.
                  Set this in your ScriptedTrigger:
                  Open its properties.
                  There should be a section called Actions.
                  Open it.
                  There you press "new".
                  choose: WAITFOREVENT
                  Set the Event's tag to the tag/name of your delivering objective.
                  The next one will be TRIGGEREVENT.
                  Press again "new" and in TRIGGEREVENT you have to enter the tag/name of your mover.
                  Now you have a mover which will move when you deliver the object.


                    ok i cant get the trigger to work on the mover... so here is the map can you look at it and see what im doing wrong?

                    sorry if im being dumb


                      Okay, downloading ^^ I'll see if I find the mistake. Then I'll explain to you what you did wrong and upload the corrected version if you want


                        Can't play the map to see which objective you mean And I have a strange error because I had normal UT2004 before I had Anthology and it seems that something went wrong with the installation and I'm too lazy to reinstall it (Anthology thinks that my CD key is invalid -but what's weird is that I can play online LOL with a shortcut of the copy of the shortcut of the UT2004.exe ). Because of that my "normal" UEd3 doesn't work and I use the Single Player Framework UEd3 (I wonder why this UEd works ). The problem is that I can't play the map when I play the press button in the editor because I get an error that UT2004 doesn't find the SP-Frame actors :/
                        And I can't play it in UT2004 because of the missing resources.

                        Missing resources:

                        Can you post download links to them?


                          wow that will be cool XD

                          can you look at the players starts?
                          this should help XD

                          thanks again

                          doh ok its late and im making some silly spelling mistakes....


                            Okay, thanks That's a great help


                              im up loading the files now