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    Creating things

    Hey need help im trying to get my texture to do some damage but its not working i've tried using the lava volume but it still does nothing also i want to know how to make my teleporters work and how to create custom characters thanks.

    Well, if you want a special damage type for AS you could use a Trigger_ASTouchDamage. You have to set the radius in the collision of course. You can display it when you right click on the bar of the 3D or Top, Side, Front view and click on Actor->Radii View.

    Another possibility to do that is with the PhysicsVolume. You can set bDamageCausing and the damagetype and amount in the properties. Note that you have to stay inside the volume. It won't damage you when you don't touch it or don't stay inside it.

    Well, to make teleporters place a Teleporter (A) in your map. Set the tag.
    Now place another Teleporter (B) in your map. Set the tag.
    Now you open A's properties. Scroll to the bottom and open the Teleporter menu in the properties. There you'll see URL. Type in the tag of teleporter B.
    To make it a two way teleporter you should set the URL of teleporter B in the properties as well. Now it should work. Note that the names should be the same! If your teleporter is called A and the URL of teleporter B is A then everything should work.

    Custom characters. Well, it requires coding, animating, skinning and modelling if you mean playable characters, not those you place in your map (pawns).

    BTW some mapping tips: To see if the size of your map is right, place a Monster (ACB->Actor->Pawn->UnrealPawn->xPawn->Monster) in your map. It has the same size as a player. The ideal height to make double jumps is >256. Always use the factor of 2 for the scale of your brushes. Example: 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128, 256, 512, 1024, 2048, 4096, etc. etc.
    and always stay on the grid! Static meshes don't have to, but brushes have to.


      There is really no need to open a second thread if your question doesn't get answered immediately. Especially not with exactly the same question as in the other thread.

      Sly just told you the same stuff I told you in the other thread (see, that's the purpose of using just a single thread: other people can see what have been said already).

      All things work exactly as I mentioned in the other thread, and if you did everything exactly as we instructed you, then it would work now.

      So you shouldn't ask how it's done in another way (there actually is no other way) but tell us insteadly step by step what you did so that we can find the mistake on your side.

      And you shouldn't start thinking about creating such a complex thing like a custom character when you are still fighting with the basics of the editor itself.
      Creating content in general isn't something you do just on the fly.

      Additionally to the grid stuff: You shouldn't use a smaller grid size than 16 in general. It's bad and will easily get you errors in your map. 16 is perfectly fine as size. Keep the lower sizes for situations where you really, really need it, or the UnrealEd Gobl1n will visit you soon.