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Problem with terrain in UnrealEd 3.0 (Problem with weapon base solved)

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    You should never save standard packages after you've closed the editor!
    For example: If UEd3 asks: Save package1, 2, 3, Nirvana, ArboreaHardware, whatever, press NO. If you save these things you could mess your UT2k4 up.



      I have been asked to save changes made to one of the packages, but I don't remember if I saved it or not. If I did, is there a way to undo this/reinstall the default packages, without having to completely reinstall UT2K4?


        Hm.. I think you'd have to reinstall UT2k4. Maybe there is another way to do that but I don't know it.


          I will reinstall UT2K4 tomorrow (I'm sleepy now) and see if this problem still occurs. If it does, I'll be back. (Come to think of it, I'm using the same tutorial now as I did when I made my first map a few years ago, and if I remember correctly, I didn't have any problems back then.)

          In the meantime...

          If anybody has a little time on their hands, could you please go to this tutorial, follow the steps and see if you get the same problem? (Opening up the Terrain Editing Tool, and clicking the "Select" tool causes UnrealEd to crash.)
          This way I'll know if it is an error in the tutorial, or something wrong with my installation.

          Thanks in advance.


            I've never used the select tool ever. So maybe just avoid it. If your trying to select your heingtmap, just click on it at the bottom of the terrain editor.


              I guess not using the select tool is the best solution for this.
              I hope I don't accidentally click on it after not saving my map for a while (again).
              UnrealEd would also crash sometimes when using the Undo function after subtracting something (so far this only happened with cubes).
              After much frustration I found out you can also simply delete the subtracted shape.

              Thanks everyone for your help!

              PS.: Having some problems with my internet provider. Internet is down 99% of the time, so I won't be on this forum as much for a while.