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Light, Zone Info and Static Mesh Question?

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    Light, Zone Info and Static Mesh Question?

    I have 2 zone infos in my map, and they are zoned off so one building is different color then the rest of the map. Now I have a static mesh inside that building that pokes outside into first zone and is receiving some ambient light which is set to 15 which I do not want. While the zone info inside the building ambient light is set to 0. How do I force a static mesh to receive one zone info's ambient light and not the other?

    Is it bad for static meshes be inside bsp, not completely ofcourse, but like some part of it. Like lets say a window inside a bsp poking out. I know its ok for terrain just don't know if its ok with bsp.

    Thank you in advance for any help.

    #2. The meshes were/are desinged for that very purpose. No worrys. :up:

    #1. That's a tough one. I've had the same problem. Is there any way you could get that mesh into it's own zone? Meaning...extend the zone it's in, to accomodate for what's sticking out.

    Or try to pull off what your doing with the ambient lighting, with regular lighting.

    Good Luck! :up:


      Thanks Fecal.

      Does amount of lights affect fps?


        I'm not sure how to answer that. Certain "effects" will effect fps. I don't think standard lighting will.

        It will increase your build time, though.

        Try fewer lights with a larger radius.


          Give the zoneinfo inside the building a Events->Tag name, then in your staticmesh you talked about put the Tag name in the Display->DefaultZoneVisibility.

          Might work, not 100% sure though.