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Do you texture meshes in 3D Studio Max 6 for use in games?

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    Do you texture meshes in 3D Studio Max 6 for use in games?

    Are you familiar with 3DS Max in general?
    Do you know how to bake textures for export to game engines?
    Do you know what considerations need to be taken into account when creating textures for games?
    Ever messed around with making textures within 3DS Max's Material Editor for games or game models?
    Do you know your way around UV Map and UV Unwrap?
    Can you write a 20 page chapter on texture design in 3DS Max for game engines? Within the next few weeks?

    IF SO ...

    I want to hear from you about a freelance writing assignment.
    Pls post here or send to links to:

    Your resume
    Writing experience
    Visual art gallery (I'd rather not receive monster-huge attachements thnx)
    Any thoughts you have on what you'd like to cover in such a chapter.


    what a cheap commercial
    :haha: :down:

    how much you wanna pay for that 20 page anyway???:bulb:


      Commercial? I'm trying to find someone on this board I can pay for their creative work - I'm not selling anything.