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    publishing ut2004 map

    hi all, ive made my map and now i just need to publish it but im not really sure how. cheers in advance for any help.

    It depends on what you've used in the map. The map itself is stored in the UT2004/Maps directory. But depending on what assets you have used, you might need to also add Textures, Static Meshes, Animations and/or Sounds for others to be able to play it. You only need those if you have used your own created custom content. If you didn't use any (or saved everything to the MyLevel package), just add the map file to an archive, upload it somewhere and let us know.


      Best way to do it: If your map uses only stock content packages and any custom content is "myLevel'd", then just ZIP or RAR or 7z the map file.

      Otherwise I recommend creating Maps, Textures, StaticMeshes, etc. directories inside an empty "helper directory" and copy your map file and custom content packages into the corresponding directories. Then you can put those directories into a ZIP/RAR/7z archive, so the player can simply extract it to the UT2004 directory and everything automatically goes where it belongs.


        (Instead of creating a thread on a similar question.)

        Is there a list of the files that come with a standard install of UT2004 (stock content, as you say)?

        I've attempted to compile a list of what files are included in some (or are those all) of the official (I assume) packs:
        Unreal Tournament 2004 Community Bonus Pack Volume 1
        Unreal Tournament 2004 Community Bonus Pack Volume 2
        Unreal Tournament 2004 Editor's Choice Edition
        Unreal Tournament 2004 Mega Pack

        Any other official (I assume) pack I'm missing?

        Do mappers in general include files that come with these popular extras, or do they ask that people download the packs in order to play their maps?


          Mega Pack (which includes the ECE bonus pack as well) can be considered stock content as it comes directly from Epic Games.

          As for a list of files, have a look into your Manifest.ini (System directory) and look for the [UT2004] section.


            ah Great!

            The reason I searched for this info, is because I tried tracing down the origins of the file Plutonic_BP2_static.usx. Someone who tested a map didn't see an object from that package (it was a staticmesh I had added as a rotating ClientMover, much like in DM-Goliath--if that has anything to say). All other players saw it, though, so now I think the player might have been missing the file, or have had it changed or damaged. Not sure what other alternatives there are. The same player did see the other ClientMover (different package, though).

            Anyway. Thank you for the info!