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cant import sound

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    cant import sound

    Im trying to load a new sound in my map but evrytime i import it its making nothing and doing like there wasnt anything it should have done

    here is the wav file im $%ยง!ing about:

    so maybe some one could tell me?
    could it be that the sound is to long?

    It's probably a stereo sound. UT2004 does not support stereo sound.
    See this for more info:


      Check the log if something doesn't go as expected.

      I've experienced that the import function for sounds doesn't like spaces in the path. This is shown in the log as an incomplete path (it gets cut off from where there's a space).

      Review the limits on the sounds you can import:


        It's uncompressed 22kHz Mono, so it's probably not a problem with the format.
        Make sure the sound file name and the entire directory path it is contained in do not contain any spaces or other funny characters. The MyDocs directory and the Windows Desktop directory in particular belong in this category.


          ok got the error. Desktop and the MyDocs directory faild couse i have german XP professionel "C:\Dokumente und Einstellungen\[...]" so he thought it was "C:\Dokumente"
          sampling rate was ok i looked it up at UDN and it was just that little mistake

          thx that u all have answered so fast

          mfg moony