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myLevel static meshes problem

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    myLevel static meshes problem

    i have been building on a map for several months and i usually save it as different filenames so i have several previous versions in case of problems,

    but i realized that in all versions, in the myLevel static meshes, that there are none in the myLevel package, even though i have many meshes in the myLevel package, and you can see them in the level, and if you look at the properties of the meshes it says that they are in the myLevel package, but in the browser it says no static meshes(in myLevel only)
    , will this create problems if i release it like this?

    also if you can answer that question, i have another,
    having problems, every time i go there, none of the buttons go anywhere,
    i turned off pop blocker and ad blocker, and still none of the things on the site i click on go anywhere and it refreshes the page but it is the same page every time,
    i am changing my email,
    so if i cant log into that site soon, i will no longer be able to use that username "parkisg"

    myLevel is your map. Generally you don't want to put anything in that mesh group except meshes that you are absolutely sure that you won't use anywhere else. Otherwise there's no point in adding them there, unless you want to use up more server bandwidth, HDD space and make it load longer, not to mention problems with confusion like this...
    Shortly, no, your map will be playable if you can see it in UnrealEd. But it's advised not to use myLevel.

    As for NaliCity, it's down. The page you see there is just a design template with no content at all.