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Karma Boost Volume force direction

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    Karma Boost Volume force direction

    So I'm trying to make a karmaboostvolume, and I can get it working for the desired vehicles, so that's good.

    However, no matter how I rotate the volume, the boost stays in the +x direction. I've fiddled with the entry angle parameter so that the boost is opened to anywhere from -y to +x to +y (90 degrees on either side of the +x direction), but that doesn't really solve the problem.

    Is there any way I can define which direction the force comes from inside the volume?

    edit: I'm using relative boost as well, so it should be boosting the vehicles relative to their own direction, but it's not. The vehicles still only get boosted in the +x direction (ie, entering from the -x side).

    edit 2: to be a bit more clear: at the center of the karmaboostvolume, there is a little arrow that shows the direction of force. I can't swing it around, let alone select it. I can move the arrows around just fine for other actors using actor rotate, but not the force in the kbv.

    edit 3: it was a pain in the ***, but I figured it out. I had to go to karmaboostvolume properties > movement > rotation, and fiddle around with pitch, roll and yaw to move the physics actor inside the volume. It turns out that 65536=360 degrees, so a 90 degree rotation is 16384.