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    Water Textures

    I am looking for a good water texture for indoor. I like the transparent blue look, but I really cant think of a map that really has a good water texture that isnt the white water rapids look.
    I looked at the water in IslandHop map, the texture used for the blue water is really cool.
    The 2 things wrong with that texture is that its linked to ECE bonus pack, and the package is like 12 mb in size.

    Well if anyones got a good tutorial on how to make a simple cool water texture maybe like a cool shiny shader without the cloud texenv.

    I could probably whip one out myself, Ive never tried to do a water texture, if I just could get a cool water texture thats transparent and has some like shiny shader type look to it.

    try the texture package


    and look under shaders and i think its called Ocean Glass