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Stairs joining to a wall - how to remove wall?

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    Stairs joining to a wall - how to remove wall?

    Hi all,

    Am having fun designing my first Unreal level and am following lots of tutorials on the Internet. However I've just got stuck and cant seem to get this thing working..

    Ive got a room and I want to have stairs going up into another room. So Ive created the room and stairs and joined to two together. The problem is the only stair visible is step 1, the rest are blocked by the wall.

    How would I go about making all steps visible and remove the wall?

    Here's what Ive got:

    Thanks for any tips

    Edit: Apologies, I have posted this in the wrong section . It was aimed for the level editing section.

    you have to think of mapping as a big chunk of clay, you subtract shapes out the middle to make your rooms, then add back in other shapes to fill things back in.

    looking at your picture, it looks like you have 2 room's separate, and you are subtracting the stairs.. this is not the way to do it stairs like you are doing should be added. but as you can see addings into the clay wont do anything.

    so, you need to

    1: make a room where your stairs are now, subtract it, so you can see from one side to the other. this creates the space so you can get through.
    2: ADD your stairs now into this new room.

    make sence? my image hosting account doesn't appear to be working atm otherwise i would of hosted a pic to explain it better


      Hi thanks for that!

      That works perfectly

      I had not used the add button before - always subtract. I guess I havnt read up on the difference and shall go do that now.

      Thanks again


        Actually, if you were to flip the stairs upside down then do a subtract, assuming you orient them the correct direction, it would work.