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    Vid card standard

    I mod on two different comps. One with a Ge3 and one with a Ge4 Ti4200

    And as expected the Ge3 struggles to render at 800x600 what the Ti4200 renders at 1280x1024 with no problems.

    Now I can do so much more content wise with Ti4200 but doing that shuts out all the 'graphically challenged' players.

    How many people are using Ge3 or less?

    What 'target' card should I shoot for?

    What is the current industry standard?

    Thanks for reading


    If your mapping, and talking about framerate, and you want to keep both video cards happy......

    Design with the GeForce4, making sure your Framerate doesn't drop below 60 with bots. I think that would make it just about right for the GeForce3.

    Make sense? Just an idea.


      I just make sure it runs good on my PC.

      P4 2.0 GHz, GeForce 4 Ti 4600, 512 MB RD-RAM,...

      I got the game set up maxed out except res.


        Compare the framerate of your map to what you get in other, official, UT2003 maps. If it's too significantly lower, try and optimize more.


          heh.. I don't play 2k3 anymore.

          What is the most taxing map of the 2k3 line up?


            I've heard people having FPS drops in DM-Antalus.

            I have a P4 with 512 and a Geforce4Ti4200. My settings are pretty high, and detailed.

            I just spectated a botmatch of 6 bots in Antalus. Framerate never dipped below 35, and got as high as 60.

            Of course the more bots you have....the bigger fps drop.


              I'm mapping with a Geforce 2 MX 400 and it's doing the job pretty well.


                Originally posted by (FCAK)Gonads
                I'm mapping with a Geforce 2 MX 400 and it's doing the job pretty well.
                Same Here... some of the more taxing maps drop me to 15 FPS but they're still playable even then.



                  I use a P4 1.6 with Nvidia Ti4600 .......I'm sure many players have this model.......I use to use GF3........

                  Today's specs are alot higher than what most of us have!

                  Video Cards