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DefaultGameType resetting

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    DefaultGameType resetting

    i am working on a mod of mine (BloodPit), and it has a bunhc of gametypes, bu tim working with them in a way taht the gaemtype for each map needds to be put in the DefaultGameType under levelinfo, for it to work properly.

    but every time i change the DefaultGameType, to say BloodPit.BP_Game_CTF, and save it, next time i load up the map, the DefaultGameType has reset to BloodPit.BP_BloodPit. both are indeed valid gametypes in my code, but all of the map reset to BP_BloodPit, and i dont even know if they are saving with it to begin with.

    anyone know why its doing this, or a fix for it?

    ok, i think ifigured otu the problem...

    with the way im using my sub-gametypes, im not declarign them in an INT anywhere. so i think UnrealED isnt seeign them in an INT, and saying "those arent gametypes... what are you doing? lemme fix it for you"... but i really cant have the gametypes in the INT, because then they will all show up in the gametypes list in Instant Action and Server Browser...

    any idea how i can tell UED, but not UT2k3 that the gametypes exist?