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Need Advice - Questions for the mod masters?

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    Need Advice - Questions for the mod masters?

    Hello people,
    New to this forum so forgive me if this in the wrong section! Just trying to find some answers to my questions....
    To cut a long story short (and it is a long story) i'm basically trying to create a "virtual museum tour" within a game style educational context. I began messing around with hammer (HL) editor which was ok but I am now using Unreal ED 3.0 from Unreal 2, seems alot better (graphics/lighting/polycounts and so on), bearing in mind I have little experience modding games, no coding/scripting knowledge but good experience with 3D and 2D packages is it possible to create what I want using Unreal Ed which is the following:

    1. A large level consisting of an exterior (outside the building/grounds) and interior (couple of rooms with balcony’s)

    2. My own custom meshes with textures that I can place in the museum (e.g.: a piece of sculpture or museum artefact /exhibit etc

    3. The ability to interact with these meshes, i.e; click on them which brings up a HUD style interface with some text and maybe a graphic/s explaining a little about the object.

    4. The ability to enquire more about the object through use of questions defined by the 1,2,3 keys (similar to the way you can interact with woman in Unreal 2) or by clicking on options within the HUD interface?

    5. The possibility to trigger of preset animations along paths when you click/interact with certain objects, (e.g: If you clicked on a knight in armour statue he would then “come to life” and walk around/move his head/arms before going back to original position.

    6. Having a tour guide character who speaks when you click on him, them moves on a pre determined path around the museum stopping at each exhibit to speak a little about it. He then only carries on to the next exhibit when you click on him again.

    The reason I ask all this is because I’m in my last year of my degree in illustration and for my final project this is what I am going to try to create, an informative game type learning experience which allows the user to see the museum without going there. I thought Unreal 2 would work well because it’s a pretty powerful engine, although I’m not sure if I should be using the Unreal Tournament 2003 version of Unreal Ed? Or even a completely different engine. Is it a real nightmare programming interactivity into objects or setting up things like a virtual tour-guide? Is this even possible? I know this is off on a bit of a tangent compared to usual requests, as I don’t need any guns, violence, shooting etc within this (although a secret weapon room wouldn’t go amiss!), this is more of an explorative learning experience. If anyone’s read this essay then I’m amazed, but very grateful and would be even more so if someone could answer any of these questions or at least point me in the right direction to find out if I can make this possible. I must add this is a totally non-commercial personal venture.
    Thanks for your time.

    from what I am learning the ued engine is capable of just about anything.

    I would say yes to all your questions. But yu would need a pretty good coder.


      i am not so good at coding my self, but i would say to that almost everything is possible with the unreal engine. But is that really good as a school project? i mean i dont know what kind of school it is, but anyway good luck



        Seems promising then, just wasnt sure if it was capable of any of this, and I see that to create the "interactive stuff and interface" i'm going to have to get involved with some script - SCARY!!
        Any good coders know of a good place to start for some basic's? - Like trying to create text in the HUD when u click on something?
        As for the reply to 15th TheCrow, i'm at an art institute learning illustration and i'm specialising in 2D & 3D graphics, the reason I chose to do this project was:
        1. Because I wanted to try to create a game enviroment to teach me about creating illustration in this context and the constraints I have to work in i.e; Texture size, quality, DXT1/3, modelling low poly etc etc..
        2. This is because I eventually want to seek work as a texture artist/modeller in the games industry and to familiarise myself with how game content is created.
        3. So I would have some art that people could interact with at my end of year show rather than just a load of pictures on the wall.
        4. To challenege myself and hopefully so that one day I could create my own Mod or even entire game (bit optimistic I know!) or even get a job!.
        Once again thanks for taking the time to answer my questions, really appreciate the feedback,


          I'll say straight away that if you've never messed with UScript before, then trying anything at all with Interface coding is not how you want to be starting - it's evil stuff Start basic with weapons and some simple mutators and get a basic understanding of Object Oriented Programming (OOP) and how things fit together to make things work. Then start progressing onto bigger projects when you're confident enough.

          That's Mr Evi1s weapon coding tute, which is good for beginners though it doesn't teach you how to make a mutator to actually add the weapon to the game

          And that's Angel_Mappers tut, which should also be helpful.

          Good Luck!


            I would say that you could do all of the things that you described above.

            But seeing that you have no scripting experience I'd say that you have a very large hill to climb.

            As you are in school maybe you could team up with someone in computer sciences. ie. a coder

            Also you may want to look into Epic's UE2Runtime. A standalone ver. of the Unreal engine made for this type of project.


              I think your right when you say I have a very large hill to climb! Just checking out my options at the moment to see if this is feasible. Definatley sounds possible now but I think I may well have to seek help with the more technical "coding" stuff as my focus for this is more on the "art" side of things i.e: level creation/modelling/texturing, didn't want to get too bogged down with programming although to make this work it seems I cant ignore this fact. Still I've got until May to produce this so time is on my side at the moment!
              Thanks everyone for your feedback, its been a great help.