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how to make a rotating crosshair?

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    how to make a rotating crosshair?

    like the one of the u2's assault rifle

    i tried texrotator,but
    1) the texture rotates around the left-top corner, not its center
    2) the texture can't be displayed in game, so that means crosshair can't be a texrotator?

    Animated crosshairs can be used, but you'd have to adjust some code to get it to work. Crosshairs are specified as Texture in the code, but that needs to be changed to Material for a TexRotator to work.

    Secondly, you need to change the Texture offset to get it rotating round the center axis. Say you're using a 128x128 texture, you'd set the offset value to half of this, so 64. You'll also need to create a circular alpha map to hide the corners of the texture as it rotates. Have a look at the fan/light projector in DM-Asbestos for how to do this.