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So you wanna make a do you plan it out?

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    So you wanna make a do you plan it out?

    You've gone through at least the basic tutorials and you know enough about UnrealED to get started. Then what?

    What makes a good level? How do you formulate a plan in your head and successfully transmit it to the program? Do you sketch it out on paper? And how are you able to continue working on your project when it starts looking like it's not looking exactly the way you wanted it to?

    I'm asking because when I sit down to make a level, I get an equivalent of "writer's block" and I don't know what to do or where to go. I know that since I'm brand new at this I'll want to do a simple arena map for starters, but other than that I'm not sure how I want it to look, and I need to get some idea of what makes one arena level better than others. I just wanted to hear how some of the rest of you get your ideas off the ground. Thanks.

    though I don't have that much experience making maps yet but a lot of my proposed maps start out as little drawnings in notebooks...maps that are well thought out and are on a peice of paper leads to better construction and layout since you can always look at the paper and get a good look at what you want...try it once...just start drawing floorplans and let your imagination take over...I used to do maps for a game called rune and during school I'd just have a ton of ideas so I'd write them down and draw them out...I have like 20 pages that are just floorplans for maps that I'd like to do...most things didn't come out to the way I wanted it to be but then again you'll find out while making the map that you can't do certain things due to gameplay or technical reasons...from that you make modifications and most of the time while you're creating it you'll get new ideas and get creative I'd just do a combination of planning...screwing with the editor and also just sitting down and playing maps that you think are fun and ask yourself why is this map fun and what makes it appealing to people...

    like I said I'm still realatively new to mapping but all of the above is what I gathered from other's here on this forum and with my very limited experience...


      Well for me it has to start with a really striking idea. I know if I try to work on a map which isn't going to stand out, I'm not going to be able to push myself to finish it (it's not like I'm getting paid, after all). Some people are content with doing just "a dm map", "a ctf map", etc. But I always start with something inspirational and then mold that idea into a map.

      You say you want to make a simple arena map. I say you shouldn't start so vague. Come up with one single feature that you'd really like to implement, and it will be extremely easy to start designing the level around that.

      For example, I just started a map. The idea I began with was: circular conveyor belts for transport around the level.
      An hour later I had the layout for the core of a sci-fi city in the midst of a civil war (assault map), along with some sketches for the visual theme and even a pretty extensive backstory. A day later I have rough BSP in place and designs for a bunch of the mesh-work I'll have to do.
      All this from one little idea, circular conveyor belts. The belts aren't even the focal point of the level anymore, but having that one cool idea is what got the whole ball rolling.

      And the moment you get the ball rolling, get it down on paper. A brief overhead sketch is generally a good place to start.


        When I start a map I have several ways i'm influenced.

        Sometimes I am inspired by something i see, sometimes by my imagination.... Then i start
        I havn't drawn out any of my maps before hand. I kind of just start putting my thoughts into the editor... and as my thoughts change the level might change or take me in a new direction. Creativity comes to everyone differently. Just open up your mind to the possibilities and go with the flow. Also the feed back you can "sometimes" get from the forum here is a great help. I havn't gotten a lot of feedback from my maps when i post screenies but I have gotten some... and it's helped


          If you want useful and critical feedback, I'd suggest you post your map at BeyondUnreal in the mapping forum - there's some excellent mappers who are always willing to offer good advice without feeling the need to flame. Not meaning any offense here of course, but the amount of flaming and negative feeling around here is bad for creativity.

          quick edit: that's more pointed at the community mods and maps forum rather than this editing forum