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how do xproc meshes work

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    how do xproc meshes work

    Hi all

    I have a problem with a xproc mesh, which happens to be a red banner (its from CTF-Avaris)

    It displays fine in Avaris, but when I copy and paste it into my own map, the banner is black, when i turn off "Speciallit" it displays fine in the browser, maybe its a bit too bright tho

    but when i play it in game, its black still

    I have tried changing the banner back to black and putting lights all around it, but it doesnt make the banner go red in game!

    any ideas?



    Also I got another problem with a static mesh not lighting up correctly, the mesh is

    StaticMesh'BP_egyptnew.Supports.egyptnew_Support_j imPillar'

    This mesh is also in avaris and it works fine, I have put the mesh into my map (half of the mesh aint in a wall) and it just displays black or really dark regardless if i put bright lights round it

    I suppose you already tried rebuilding the lighting?
    As for the pillar, did you say it is half in the wall, or it ISN'T?


      it isnt in the wall son
      yeah i have rebuilded lighting

      cheers for reply