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TAM Spawns My Players off my map

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    TAM Spawns My Players off my map

    I have tried controlling the spawn points.(player starts)

    I put 10 on one side of the map on level ground spaced plenty apart and 10 more at the opposing end of the map.

    I then changed the spawn properties to teams 0 and team 1.

    Why do the players not use these spawn points?
    Why do players spawn where there are absolutely no player starts?
    How can I stop TAM from spawning players in lava,mid air,on top of lifts and jumpads,etc?It's like it just randomly picks a spot in the level of its choosing.

    The level is pretty much ruined if I cannot fix the issue.Thank you.

    IIRC spawns are on pathnodes, so put pathnodes (and pickups, jump points, any actor really) only in areas where a spawn would be useful. getting team spawns to work is a pain, make sure they are enabled as I think the default is bEnabled=F. Search the forum, this was discussed extensively last year