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Meshes disappear at a distance

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    Meshes disappear at a distance

    Hi there.A map I am working on has some mesh columns that disappear at longer distances while playing the level in game.Theres like a cutoff line where I can walk over it and make this vanish,yet all of other meshes I've used can be seen from twice as far as the columns that are giving me problems.

    I've tried adjusting some of the column properties with no luck even though I do not know all of their effects.Currently the props are all back to default.All of my in game settings are on max.

    Can anyone help me to make them stop disappearing after a certain distance.

    Thank you.

    lol oops

    Ha I found it.Sorry.Can delete thread if needed.

    The mesh I used had cull distance set to low.I put it back to 0 for infinite I guess.They stopped popping.