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Is it possible to have a short custom movie playing in the game??

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    Is it possible to have a short custom movie playing in the game??

    Hey guys, i want to implement a short intro movie into my mod and the movie is about 2 mins long.
    what i want to achieve is, well ,when the game starts, it automatically play my short intro movie first and then switch to the game after it is finish playing. So is it possible to have it implement into the game in UT2004? If so, how do i go about it??? what format should my intro movie be in?? and what resolution/size would be appropriate??
    is there any tutorials out there that go over this topic??? and i would really appreciate if you guy could be a bit more detail with your answers....
    A big THANK YOU in advance!!!!!

    See my reply on BUF.


      THanks SuperApe, you're like a superman!!! I have checked that out and got a new question.

      So it is impossible to have a pre-render CG movie to play during the start up of the mod??? I don't really like the idea of doing a game machinima as i'm not familiar with stuff in UT2004 engine. I really want to create the short cg movie in MAYA, the reason being i'm familiar with maya and the software can render out beautiful cg images that is enjoyable to watch...

      If UT2004 enigne is Unable to run a movie file during the start up of the game, What about if i were to use some AUto-run software to combine the short intro CG movie and the GAme mod together???
      LIke create a exe file that automatically play the short intro movie first (in window media player or quick time) and then after it is finish, the auto-run software will automatically start up the game mod, so that it seems like the Short cg movie is a part of the game, do u think that is a good method to use ????

      After i finish my mod, and if you're interested, i will show it to u!! thanks!!


        Originally posted by SuperApe
        To answer your question, there are ways to play in-game cutscenes (matinees), but not to play a movie file in-game.
        Sorry, I've seen this question pop up several times here and on BUF, so search to confirm, but I'm pretty sure the solutions and work-arounds are sloppy at best.

        I'd be almost better to use a Batch file to run a stand-alone movie, then launch UT200x and your mod.